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Healthy Lifestyle Quiz


Which of these foods typically contains the most protein?

A. Cereals with milk

B. A chicken sandwich

C. Chips

D. Lettuce and tomato

Which of the following is NOT benefit of regular physical activity?

A. Helps to gain weight & increase the chance of heart disease

B. Develops bone strength

C. Develops and improves motor and sport skills

Why is drinking water important?

A. To keep you awake

B. Helps mental and physical performance

C. To help your food taste better

D. So you can sing

What’s the function of the calcium in our body?

A. It helps you to have strong bones and theet

B. It gives you energy

C. It helps you to stay healthy

D. It helps you grow

It makes you feel cold and shiver then hot and sweaty. Your whole body aches with it. What’s the illness?

A. Earache

B. Cold

C. Flu

D. Cut

To avoid injury you should:

A. warm up before the exercises

B. try hard

C. eat healthy food

D. beat the opponent

A healthy lifestyle can be described as

A. Exercise to the point of exhaustion

B. Eating anything you like and exercising 3 times a week

C. Eating a balanced diet and exercise regularly

Which of the following is the benefit for participating in physical activity regularly?

A. Improve cardiorespiratory endurance

B. increase the chance of injury

C. increase body fat

D. increase cardiovascular diseases

What are healthy eating behaviors?

A. Eat fast

B. Eat slow

C. Eat while in front of my phone/tablet

D. Eat with your left hand

Below are 3 ways of reducing stress. Which of these is NOT?

A. Exercise and eat healthy

B. Yoga and stretching

C. Talking through problems with friends

D. Avoiding people

What kind of food is bad for your body?

A. carbohydrates

B. junk food

C. proteins

D. minerals

What is obesity?

A. Too much body fat

B. Eating too much

C. Eating is restaurants

D. Not exercising

Potatoes, cakes and bread contain fattening:

A. carbohydrates

B. proteins

C. pork

D. fats

In the same amount of the following foods, which food provides the most calcium?

A. Cabbage

B. Milk

C. Cereal

D. Cake

Which of the following is not the benefit for participating in physical activity regularly?

A. enhance brain health

B. enhance social skills

C. increase pressure

D. increase metabolism

What food group does rice, pasta and bread belong to?

A. Milk group

B. Grain group

C. Cereal group

D. Grian group

Which foods are important for the development of healthy, strong bones?

A. Tomatoes, biscuits, butter

B. Chicken, fish, eggs

C. Cheese, milk, yoghurt

D. Potatoes, fish, cucumbers

Why is breakfast important

A. It’s my warm-up for the day and wakes me up

B. It gets my brain and body ready to learn

C. Helps me focus

D. All of the above

Which of the following should be consumed the most for an healthy lifestyle?

A. Meat and Eggs

B. Grains

C. Vegetables

D. Fruits

What is nutrition?

A. Eating foods that are good for your body

B. Foods that only taste good

C. Foods with nuts in it

D. A lots of exercise

Which one of the following statements is best describes a healthy, active lifestyle?

A. Playing a football match

B. Walking for 20 minutes each day and eating a balanced diet

C. Playing sport and training twice a week


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