Human Body Systems Quiz


Which system enables the body to move, moves food through the digestive system, and keeps the heart beating?
A. skeletal 
B. muscular
C. digestive
D. nervous

your liver acts as a ___________ for harmful substances

A. filter

B. sponge

C. pump

What is the main function of the respiratory system?
A. take in oxygen and exhale waste like carbon dioxide
B. move nutrients throughout the body
C. take in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen

Which system includes the mouth, esophagus, and the small and large intestines?
A. nervous
B. excretory
C. respiratory
D. digestive

One purpose of the stomach is to store food.



Your large and small intestines are part of this body system.
A. nervous
B. digestive
C. muscular
D. skeletal

What is the tube connecting your mouth to your stomach?
A.     trachea
B.     esophagus
C.     small intestine
D.     big intestine

When Dr. Jeff bends his arms to lift this weight, what is happening to his bicep muscle?
A. it is contracting
B. it is relaxing
C. it is twisting up
D. it gets longer

What is the main job of the digestive system?
A. break down foods into nutrients that can be used by the body
B. take in oxygen and exhale waste like carbon dioxide
C. pump blood throughout the body
D. makes the body hungry

Your body systems work separately and do not effect each other.

Which system are the lungs in?
A.     respiratory
B.     digestive
C.     excretory
D.     muscular

Which system includes bones, cartilage, and ligaments?
A. nervous
B. muscular
C. skeletal
D. excretory

Which organ is part of the respiratory system?
A.     tongue
B.     stomach
C.     esophagus
D.     lungs

What happens to what’s left of our food after it goes through the intestines?
A. goes back to the stomach
B. absorbed into blood
C. becomes stomach acid
D. disposed of in the bathroom

As you exercise, your circulatory system works with which other system to take in oxygen?
A. muscular
B. digestive
C. respiratory
D. endocrine

What is the longest bone of our body called?

A. scapula

B. sternum

C. femur

D. carpals

what is the main function of the nervous system?

A. helps you breath

B. helps you imagine

C. helps you digest

D. helps you move

E. helps you do everything

As your body works harder, what happens to your HEART rate?
A. increases
B. decreases
C. stays the same
D. beats backwards

Your body absorbs many nutrients from the small intestine.



Which system is made of the smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscles?

A. skeletal

B. muscular

C. nervous

D. endocrine

in which system is your brain located in?

A. reproductive system

B. respiratory system

C. nervous system

D. cardiovascular system

Your lungs are part of which body system?
A. circulatory
B. respiratory
C. digestive
D. muscular

Which system is the stomach in?
A.     respiratory
B.     digestive
C.     nervous
D.     excretory

Organs are body parts that have specific jobs. Your body systems are made up of organs.

What is the largest part of the human brain?

A. cerebrum

B. cerebellum

C. Medulla oblongata

D. Pineal gland


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