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Why is proper positioning and handling important when facilitating patients during treatment?

A. Increase stimulation to the affected side

B. Restore a lost function

C. Increases stimulation to the unaffected side

D. All of the above

What is the major risk factor for stroke?

A. Obesity

B. Diabetes

C. High blood pressure

D. Family history of storke

If the left side is paralyzed, what part of the brain is oxygen-deficient?

A. Both sides

B. Left side

C. Right side

D. Only a small portion

During an activity you observed that your patient has difficulty catching or kicking a ball. What are his possible cognitive issues?

A. Attention

B. Visual processing

C. Motor planning

D. All the above

Which steps would ensure proper positioning in a chair at rest?

A. Place hands on the lap, feet flat on floor, knees in front of the feet

B. Place affected hand on armrest, feet flat on floor, knees directly above feet

C. Sit in the centre of the chair, place hands on lap, knees behind feet

D. Sit on the edge of the chair, place affected hand on armrest, knees behind feet

A type of stroke where an emboli is dislodge from the heart and blocks the blood supply to the brain

A. Thrombotic stroke

B. Embolic stroke

C. Lacunar stroke

D. Ischeamic stroke

Aneurysm is what type of stroke

A. hemorrhagic

B. Ischemic

C. Lacunar

D. Brain stem

Which part of the brain controls behaviour and decision-making?

A. Frontal lobe

B. Parietal lobe

C. Occipital lobe

D. Cerebellum

What is the most common treatment for stroke?


B. Aerobic exercise

C. Bed rest

D. Blood thinner medications

Mr Raja has difficulty understanding much of what other people say and feel as though others are talking in an unknown foreign language. Which language disorder is he having?

A. Receptive aphasia

B. Expressive aphasia

C. Global aphasia

D. None of the above


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