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Forensics: Blood Quiz


What is another name for an infectious agent?

A. plasma

B. pathogen

C. platelet

D. antigen

A type of blood stain created by the force of gravity as drops or blood pools

A. spatter

B. swipe

C. passive

D. transfer

if you have A+ blood, to whom can you donate?

A. A+, A-, AB+, AB-

B. A+, AB+, O+

C. AB+, A+

D. O-

What is the best method for finding blood when first encountering a crime scene?

A. precipitan test

B. alternative light source

C. luminol

D. hemastix

Who is the universal blood donor?

A. AB+

B. AB-

C. O-

D. O+

Another word for clumping

A. agglutination

B. coagulation

C. Fluorescien

D. sticking

Whose blood can you receive if you have type B- blood?

A. AB-, O-,

B. B-, O-

C. AB-, AB+, B+, B-

D. all blood types

another name for coagulation

A. agglutination

B. clumping

C. clotting

D. precipitin

Where are antigens found?

A. on the surface of red blood cells

B. in the plasma

C. on white blood cells

D. on the surface of platelets


A. white blood cells

B. red blood cells

C. platelets

D. plasma

Which are the most abundant cells in our body?



C. platelets

D. antibodies

Which is true?

A. blood type is individual evidence

B. as the height of a drop increases, the diameter decreases

C. the tail on a blood droplets points to where it originated (the source)

D. a drop would get more elongated as the angle of impact decreases

Which test is used to identify human blood?

A. Kastle-Meyer

B. Hemastix

C. Precipitan

D. Luminol

Which is the best way to store/package a blood sample?

A. store at high temperatures

B. store it wet

C. keep in intense light

D. dry sample first

Which word does not relate to a presumptive test?

A. precipitin

B. hemastix

C. color change

D. luminol

another name for red blood cells

A. leukocytes

B. erythrocytes

C. platelets

D. leukocytes

Where are blood cells made?

A. bone marrow

B. heart

C. liver

D. brain

Which word does NOT belong?

A. iron

B. hemaglobin

C. white blood cells

D. carries oxygen

Name the test used to identify blood as being human.

A. Kastle-Meyer

B. precipitin

C. luminol

D. fluorescein

Which test can detect blood that has been diluted 300,000 times?

A. Hema-stix

B. gel diffusion

C. luminol


Calculate the angle of impact if a blood stain has a width of 1.1 cm and a length of 2.0 cm.

A. 22.7

B. 65.1

C. 33.4

D. 81

If you have B blood, that means you have ___ antigens and ___ antibodies.

A. A, B

B. B, A

C. AB, O

D. O, AB


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