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What is the second most common cause of death in the US?

A. Diabetes

B. Cancer

C. Heart Disease

D. Car accidents

The nurse is caring for a client with breast cancer and removal of axillary lymph nodes. Which assessment finding is documented and brought to the physician’s attention as potential lymphedema?

A. A reddened area around the breast

B. Fluid accumulation under in the axilla

C. Enlargement of the arm or hand

D. Drainage from the areola

sympathy for another’s suffering; pity

A. palliative

B. compassion

C. denial

Which of the following patients with small cell lung cancer should receive prophylactic cranial irradiation?

A. Patients with limited-stage SCLC who achieve a complete response to their initial therapy.

B. Patients with extensive-stage SCLC who do not respond to their initial therapy.

C. All patients with limited-stage SCLC.

D. All patients with extensive-stage SCLC.

A 33-year-old female client is recovering from a modified radical mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. This is the client’s fourth day postoperatively. Her vital signs are temperature 99°F, pulse 82, respirations 18, and blood pressure 152/90. She continues to complain of considerable pain, with a pain rating of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst possible pain. The client was discharged home with a prescription for oxycodone and acetaminophen and has been taking the drugs as prescribed. Which assessment finding would cause the nurse to phone the physician?

A. Itching and slight erythema at the incision site

B. A well-defined oval area near the incision site

C. Small amount of serous drainage at the incision site

D. White blood count (WBC) of 7,000 μL

A mass of abnormal cells that develops when cancerous cells divide and grow uncontrollably.

A. oesophagus

B. tumor

C. lymph node

GB is a 72-year-old male with a past medical history of seizures. He is a newly diagnosed metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer patient. Which of the following regimens is most appropriate for this patient?

A. Abiraterone + Leuprolide

B. Enzalutamide + Leuprolide

C. Apalutamide

D. Darolutamide

Benign neoplasms are ____________ than malignant neoplasms

A. Less differentiated

B. More differentiated

C. Larger

D. Smaller

tumor of connective tissue

A. adenoma

B. fibroma

C. rhabdomyoma

D. sarcoma

Brand name for Tamoxifen

A. Arimidex

B. Trexall

C. Cytoxan

D. Nolvadex

The … after the operation was for a full recovery.

A. examination

B. diagnosis

C. prognosis

All tumors are

A. Malignant

B. Benign

C. Neoplasms

D. Invasive

Which of the following factors is associated with an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer?

A. High dietary caffeine intake

B. Rectal hemorrhoids

C. Gastroesophageal reflux disease

D. Chronic ulcerative colitis

Tumors are either __________ or __________

A. Neoplasm & Metasize

B. Benign & Malignant

C. carcinogens or non carcinogens

D. Large or small

What is the dose limiting toxicity of vincristine that RX should be counseled on?

A. Neuropathy

B. Nephrotoxicity

C. Ototoxicity

D. Pulmonary toxicity

another name for the large intestine

A. x-ray

B. bout

C. colon

GS is a newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient being treated with androgen deprivation. Which of the following are appropriate counseling points for a new patient starting on an LH-RH agonist?

A. Patient may experience side effects such as a loss in libido, hot flashes, and impotence

B. Patient may experience changes in blood pressure

C. Patient may experience side effects such as nausea/vomiting, alopecia, and weight loss

D. Patient may experience arthralgias, peripheral edema, and seizures

what medication has a counseling poing if causing feminization in male patients

A. Megestrol

B. Tamoxifen

C. Leuprolide

D. Anastrozole

to leave behind

A. contradict

B. abandon

C. sink in

The client who had a right modified radical mastectomy 4 years before is being admitted for a cardiac workup for chest pain. Which intervention is most important?

A. Determine when client had chemo last.

B. Ask client if she received Adriamycin, an antineoplastic agent.

C. Post a message at the head of the bed to not use the right arm.

D. Examine the chest wall for cancer sites.

what chromosome was the 1st chromosomal abnormality?

A. Philadelphia

B. Pittsburgh

C. Phelange

D. Potter

Which of the following Gleason scores is considered the most aggressive?

A. 3+3

B. 4+5

C. 3+4

D. 4+4

Which of the following agents is considered a second-generation antiandrogen?

A. Bicalutamide

B. Ketoconazole

C. Enzalutamide

D. Abiraterone

The nurse is assessing the surgical site of a client who has had a mastectomy. Which of the following would lead the nurse to suspect that the client is developing a seroma?

A. Bruising of the skin

B. Sloshing of fluid

C. Tightness

D. Fever

a ceremony in which a deceased person is buried or cremated

A. funeral

B. bout

C. bargain


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