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Oncology Quiz


tumor of connective tissue

A. adenoma

B. fibroma

C. rhabdomyoma

D. sarcoma

Benign neoplasms are ____________ than malignant neoplasms

A. Less differentiated

B. More differentiated

C. Larger

D. Smaller

Why does chemotherapy cause nausea and a person’s hair to fall out?

A. The dying tumor cells cause these effects on the body

B. Chemotherapy kills all rapidly dividing cells in the body

C. These are effects of the cancer and not from the chemotherapy

D. The chemotherapy stops all cell division within a cell

The … after the operation was for a full recovery.

A. examination

B. diagnosis

C. prognosis

When speaking to patients, doctors may use this word instead of “tumour”.

A. growth

B. invasion

C. mutation

When the cancer cells spread to distant parts of the body, it is called …

A. invasion

B. metastasis

C. remission

What is the dose limiting toxicity of vincristine that RX should be counseled on?

A. Neuropathy

B. Nephrotoxicity

C. Ototoxicity

D. Pulmonary toxicity

Which of the following is NOT characteristic of a benign tumor

A. A name derived its cell of origin, such as “fibroma” or “chondroma”

B. A fibrous capsule surrounding the growth

C. Tumor cells expressing proteins unique to many different cell types

D. Tumor cells expressing proteins unique to one type of cell

A 42-year-old woman with a family history of breast cancer and very dense breasts should have which of the following screening breast imaging?

A. 3D mammogram every 6 months

B. Mammogram every 12 months

C. Breast MRI and 3D mammogram alternating every 6 months

D. No breast imaging until age 50 and then every other year 

Viruses can … their DNA into the human genome.

A. invade

B. insert

C. extract

All tumors are

A. Malignant

B. Benign

C. Neoplasms

D. Invasive


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