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Viruses Quiz


A/an ________ is an injection of a weakened form of a pathogen to help the individual gain immunity from a disease.

A. Virus

B. Vacuum

C. Vaccine

D. Antibiotic

This is a—

A. Bacteria

B. Virus

Which of the following is one important difference between a virus and a bacterial cell?

A. a virus is much larger in size than a bacterial cell

B. a virus always causes more severe disease than a bacterial cell

C. a virus can never reproduce on its own, but a bacterial cell can

D. a virus does not contain genetic material, but a bacterial cell does

nonliving particle that can reproduce within a living cell

A. endospore

B. virus

C. vacuole

D. nucleus

Viruses are smaller than a cell.



Viruses are _______.

A. producers

B. consumers

C. parasites

D. decomposers

Viruses are living things



A virus is made up of

A. cells

B. protein coat

C. genetic material and protein coat

D. bricks

cell in which a virus reproduces

A. endospore

B. host cell

C. bacteriophage

D. plasmid

You are a doctor and Little Billy is in your office with the flu. His mother wants you to prescribe an antibiotic. Which would be the best response?

A. “Absolutely, get that kid an antibiotic!”

B. “Actually, he just needs to take a painkiller.”

C. “Unfortunately, antibiotics do not work against viruses like the flu.”

D. “Give him a vaccine and he will feel better right away!”

Viruses can´t __________ by themselves.

A. reproduce

B. communicate

C. die

D. infect people


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