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Food Microbiology Quiz


Which one factor can you see on the spoiled bread?

A. mold on the surface of the bread

B. sour taste

C. the color turned to greenish

D. smell like fish

Range of colonies < 20 indicated as? A. Too little to count B. Too few to count C. Too less to count D. None of the above

How is serial dilution performed?

A. By adding a known volume of original sample to an equal volume of diluent

B. By heating the sample

C. By freezing the sample

D. By centrifuging the sample

The purpose of providing durham tubes in each dilution tubes?

A. to observe level of broth

B. to detect pH of the broth

C. to detect gas produced by micro organisms.

D. none of the above

Expected results to indicate growth of E.coli on EMB agar?

A. bright pink colonies

B. cream colonies

C. metallic sheen colonies

D. yellowish green colonies

Which food will spoil the slowest

A. dried beans

B. milk

C. butter

D. eggs

The volume of sample used to do spread plating on agar after serial dilution?

A. 1 ml

B. 0.5 ml

C. 0.2 ml

D. 0.1 ml

What are the limitations of using serial dilution?

A. It can be time-consuming

B. Errors can occur if volumes and concentrations are not measured accurately

C. It may not be suitable for certain types of samples

D. All of the above

Range of colonies > 200 indicated as ?

A. Too numerous to count

B. Too much to count

C. Too big to count

D. None of the above

Which type of agar to confirm presence of E.coli bacteria?

A. Mac Conkey agar

B. Eosin Methylene Blue agar

C. Blood agar

D. Mannitol agar

Organisms that negatively affect the taste and appearance of foods, but do not cause foodborne illness, are called________.

A. toxins

B. viruses

C. spoilage bacteria

D. pathogenic bacteria

Full name for PCA agar?

A. Phosphate carbon agar

B. Plate colony agar

C. Plate count agar

D. Phosphate count agar

What is an example of cross-contamination?

A. Cutting raw vegetables with a clean chef’s knife

B. Placing raw meats on the same shelf of the refrigerator

C. Preparing raw chicken and vegetables on the same cutting board

D. Using clean hands and work surfaces when preparing food

What are the advantages of using serial dilution?

A. allows for precise measurement of concentration of a sample

B. allows isolation of pure cultures of microorganisms from mixed populations

C. allows for preparation of solutions with a known concentration

D. All of the above

To thoroughly clean surfaces to get rid of bacteria and it is the first step in preventing foodborne illness.

A. Sanitize

B. Miracle Worker

C. Sanity

D. White glove treatment

Which of the following microorganisms causes bacterial soft rot?

A. Enterobacter faecalis

B. Erwinia carotovora

C. Pectobacterium carotovorum

D. Pseudomonas fluorescens

Which of these is not a symptom of food poisoning?

A. Headache

B. Vomiting

C. Diarrhoea

D. Weight gain


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