Medical Quiz

Skeletal System Quiz


What bone is highlighted?

A. Skull (Cranium)

B. Mandible

C. Femur

D. Scapula

Your _____ helps you stand tall.

A. skull

B. femur

C. spine

D. rib cage

True or false: When a bone breaks, it will stay broken forever.



What mineral are bones made of?

A. Vitamin C

B. Calcium

C. Zinc

D. Vitamin B

This is a picture of what? (choose the answer that is most complete)

A. robot

B. skeleton

C. ulna

D. vertebrate

How many bones are in the adult human body?

A. 200

B. 206

C. 205

D. 204

Which is not a function of the skeletal system?

A. shape and support

B. movement

C. protection

D. gas exchange

Your _______ protects your heart and lungs.

A. skull

B. shoulder

C. knee

D. rib cage

What is our skeleton made up of?

A. Bones

B. Intestines

C. Lungs

D. Heart

What are the main functions of the skeleton?

A. Protection

B. Body Shape

C. Movement

D. All Of These

Which vital organ does your skull protect?

A. Brain

B. Stomach

C. Heart

D. Lungs

Which of the following best describes the job of the skeletal system?

A. Gives shape and support to the body.

B. Sends messages from the stomach to the brain.

C. Brings in and breaks down all nutrients for the body

What does our skeleton help us do?

A. Move

B. Think

C. Sleep

D. None of these

Bones can grow back together if they get broken.



Why is it important to eat foods with a lot of calcium?

A. Calcium strengthens your bones.

B. Calcium helps you sleep.

C. Calcium makes you smarter.

D. Calcium supports heart health.

What food contain Calcium that helps our bones?

A. Milk

B. Oranges

C. Mountain Dew

D. Celery

No movement would occur without the skeletal system.



C. What’s a skeleton?

Babies have ____ bones than adults do.

A. more

B. fewer

What bone is highlighted?

A. Ribs

B. Cranium

C. Clavicle

D. Femur

What is the place where two bones meet?

A. bones

B. tendons

C. ligament

D. joint


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