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Forensics Terms Quiz


Which of the following is correct about variables?

A. independent changes due to dependent

B. dependent changes due to dependent

C. independent never changes, it’s independent

D. dependent changes due to independent

overgeneralized beliefs about the traits and attributes of members of a particular group

A. discrimination

B. stereotypes

C. norms

D. ethnic groups

How many teeth does a fully developed human adult normally have?
A. 20
B. 28
C. 24
D. 32

Processing a crime scene involves:

A. only collecting evidence and taking pictures

B. Collecting evidence, sketching the scene, taking pictures, interviewing suspects, and examining the scene

C. only examining the scene and interviewing witnesses

D. only sketching the scene and taking pictures

A person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime

A. officer

B. victim

C. out of luck

D. suspect

a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.

A. Assumptions

B. Folkways

C. Ethnocentrism

D. Prejudice

an unjustifiable (and usually negative) judgment toward a group and its members. This type of pre-judgment generally involves stereotyped beliefs, negative feelings, and can lead to discriminatory action.

A. Discrimination

B. Stereotypes

C. Prejudice

D. Assumptions

What is the hard outer covering of the tooth’s crown called?
A. pulp
B. cementum
C. dentine
D. enamel

Beliefs, customs, and traditions of a specific person or group of people.

A. Ethnic group

B. Identity

C. Culture

D. Folkways

Since the genotypes A and B are equally dominant this is called 
A. blending
B. codominance
C. incomplete dominance

a widely understood rule for social behavior in a given society

A. Societal Norm

B. Folkway

C. Value

D. Custom

What are fingerprints used for?

A. determine eye color

B. Identification

C. To help you fight crime.

A person thought to be guilty of a crime or offense
A. victim
B. officer
C. suspect
D. bad guy

The application of a broad range of sciences to answer legal questions

A. Health Science

B. Biology

C. Physical Science

D. Forensic Science

If Mom is AB and dad is A? and the child has a B blood type what is the other allele for Dad?
A. A
B. B 
D. O

the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes about what is important that help guide the way you live

A. Values

B. Societal Norms

C. Ethnocentrism

D. Diffusion

If a mass death occurs and many people die at the same place, How would the bodies be identified/
A. DNA analysis
B. Fingerprints
C. Dental records
D. Photographs

Behaving differently, usually unfairly, toward members of a group.

A. Discrimination

B. Assumption

C. Prejudice

D. Custom

The First 10 Amendments are referred to as

A. The Big 10

B. The Bill of Rights

C. The Declaration of Independence

D. Magna Carta


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