Medical Quiz

Tissue Repair Pathology Quiz


Process by which the tissues are able to replace the damaged tissue by essential return to normal state

A. Regeneration

B. Degeneration

C. Scar formation

Glucocorticoids ……….. healing

A. Fasten

B. Delay

Skin tissue is ……..

A. Stable

B. Labile

C. Permanent

Liver tissue is ………..

A. Stable

B. Labile

C. Permanent

The 1st step in granulation tissue formation

A. Hemostasis

B. Inflammation

C. Proliferation

D. Maturation

Cells which have continuous turn over by programmed division of stem cells.

A. Stable

B. Labile

C. Permanent

Infection cause healing to be ……..

A. Fast

B. Rapid

C. Delayed or prolonged

The body’s replacement of destroyed tissue by living tissue

A. Tissue healing

B. Inflammation

C. Genetic disease

If the injured tissues are incapable of complete restitution of tissue are severely damaged

A. Repair by scar formation

B. Regeneration

C. Inflammation

Fibroblast and osteoblasts are…….

A. Stable

B. Labile

C. Permanent

What are types of cells based on proliferation

A. Labile,stable and permanent

B. Epithelial and connective and muscular

C. Adipose and nervous

Example of deficient healing is …….

A. Arterial ulcer

B. Hypertrophic scar

C. Keloid

Deficient healing occur as a result of chronic venous hypertension is …….

A. Venous leg ulcer

B. Arterial ulcer

C. Pressure sores

In clean and uninflected surgical incised wound healing occur by…………

A. First intention

B. Second intention

Our diet should contain ………… for proper tissue repair

A. Vit. C and protein

B. Carbohydrate

C. Fats and minerals


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