Medical Quiz

Unintentional Injuries Quiz


Which of the following is NOT a first aid procedure for sprain and strain?

A. Administer R.I.C.E

B. Make sure to stop the activity right away

C. Apply direct pressure to the affected area

D. If swelling or severe pain is experienced, bring the injured to the doctor.

Unintentional is used to refer to injuries that were unplanned, often called accidents. Is the statement True or False?



Who among the Grade 9 students are good first aiders?

A. Micahel who frightens his brother about the severity of the injury.

B. Christian who comforts her classmate while treating her sprain.

C. Rico who is panicking while treating the wound of his friend’s finger

How would you FIRST stop bleeding?

A. Heimlich maneuver

B. Direct pressure

C. Tourniquet

D. Ice

“Prevention is better than cure” can be applied to which situation?

A. Dalmi who always rides her motor bike without helmet.

B. Carrie who always look at the left and right side of the street before crossing the pedestrian.

C. Lisa who occasionally forgets to bring her medicine for asthma

You are giving first aid to a person with a muscle, bone or joint injury. Emergency medical services (EMS) has been called. What should you do until they arrive?

A. Bandage the injured body part.

B. Apply cold if the person can tolerate it, and watch the person for signs and symptoms of shock.

C. Splint the injury to immobilize it.

D. All of the above

Condition caused by too much water loss through sweating on a hot day

A. frost bite

B. heat exhaustion

C. heat stroke

D. hypothermia

Injuries happen at any time. What should we do to prevent unintentional injuries?

A. We must reduce the risk of accidents.

B. We must always practice safety measures.

C. We must equip ourselves with proper knowledge and skills in first aid

D. All of the above

Heart attack is when blood flow to the heart is blocked



What can cause Sprains?

A. Over stretching or tearing the ligaments results in a sprain.

B. Over stretching or tearing muscles or tendons results in a sprain.

The RICE method is for

A. choking

B. someone who is not breathing

C. a burn

D. a sprain

We should perform R.I.C.E. therapy if there is a sprain or strain injury. What does the acronym R.I.C.E. stand for?

A. R- rest, I- intentional, C- commission, E- elevon

B. R- rest, I- ice, C- commission, E- elevation

C. A. R- rest, I- intentional, C- compression, E- elevator

D. . R- rest, I- ice, C- compression, E- elevation


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