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Special Senses Quiz


When you look in the mirror, what part of the eye can you NOT see?

A. Iris

B. Pupil

C. Sclera

D. Retina

What disorder could be treated by the surgical insertion of an artificial stapes?

A. Otosclerosis

B. Meniere’s disease

C. Otitis media

D. Sensory hearing loss

When a person looks at an image, light rays pass through the eye and focus on the:

A. Pupil

B. Retina

C. Optic nerve

D. Lens

Pauline has a conductive hearing loss, which can be caused by:

A. auditory nerve damage

B. an infection in the semicircular canals

C. a ruptured tympanic membrane

D. damage to the cochlea

What eye condition occurs more frequently in children?

A. Cataract

B. Glaucoma

C. Strabismus

D. Presbyopia

What organ of the inner ear is NOT involved in hearing?

A. Vestibule

B. Cochlea

C. Organ of Corti

D. Semicircular canals

Olfactory receptors can be found:

A. on the tongue

B. in the nose

C. in the ear

D. in the skin

Organisms in the throat can travel up the eustachian tube and cause:

A. Otosclerosis

B. A cerumen plug

C. Otitis media

D. Meniere’s disease

If your ossicles were removed, you would NOT be able to:

A. Equalize pressure on both sides of the tympanic membrane

B. Maintain your sense of balance

C. Transmit sound waves to the inner ear

D. Carry nerve impulses to the cerebrum

Of the following, when a sound is heard, what structure would be the first to transmit the sound wave?

A. Organ of Corti

B. Cochlea

C. Stapes

D. Tympanic membrane

What are the two functions of the lens of the eye?

A. Refraction and accomodation

B. Impulse reception and transmission

C. Maintains the shape of the eyeball and refracts light

D. Color vision and night vision

What function do the orbits, eye lashes, and lacrimal glands all have in common?

A. Nutrition

B. Lubrication

C. Protection

D. Excretion

Where would you find cerumen?

A. Eustachian tube

B. External auditory canal

C. Semicircular canals

D. Cochlea

How is glaucoma usually treated?

A. Medication

B. Surgical removal of the lens

C. Corrective lenses

D. Radial kertotomy

What is the largest structure of the ear?

A. Malleus

B. Cochlea

C. Pinna

D. Tympanic membrane

What part of the eye is actually a mucous membrane?

A. Sclera

B. Cornea

C. Choroid coat

D. Conjunctiva

When you cry and your nose runs, what fluid is coming through your nose?

A. Tears

B. Cerebrospinal fluid

C. Aqueous humor

D. Mucus

What statement about the sense of taste is true?

A. Taste is influences by the sense of smell

B. Taste buds are called lacteals

C. There are no taste buds in the back of the tongue

D. There are two main tastes, sweet and salty

What disorder can often be corrected with radial keratotomy (RK)?

A. Myopia

B. Cataract

C. Strabismus

D. Amblyopia

What eye condition can occur in someone with a normally shaped eyeball?

A. Myopia

B. Hyperopia

C. Presbyopia

D. Astigmatism


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