Medical Quiz

Movement Quiz


Where are blood cells made?

A. Stomach

B. Pancreas

C. Bone Marrow

D. Feet

What is the scientific name for the ‘funny bone’?

A. Humerus

B. Femur

C. Clavicle

D. Patella

What bone is this?

A. Femur

B. Humorous

C. Tibia

D. Fibula

What bone is this?

A. Rib Cage

B. Clavicle

C. Mandible

D. Vertebrae

Who has more bones: an adult or a baby?

A. baby

B. adult

C. both have the same

D. neither have bones

What two bones make up the skull?

A. Radius and ulna

B. Femur and pelvis

C. Ribs and spine

D. Cranium and mandible

Brain wll be protected by….





The function of ribs is protecting….

A. Lungs only

B. Lungs and heart

C. Heart only

D. Brain

What is the purpose of white blood cells?

A. To carry oxygen

B. To protect against infection

C. To speed up digestion

D. To trap dirt and dust

The picture of pelvis is ____





What can you predict from the fact that babies have more bones than adults?

A. Most adults suffer from bone loss

B. Teenagers also have more bones than adults

C. Babies shed some of their bones as they grow

D. Some of babies’ bones fuse together as they grow

Why is it important that our bones are hollow?

A. We can move around easily

B. Our bones don’t fracture easily

C. Our bones can make blood cells easily

D. Our organs receive more support

How many bones do adult humans have?

A. 206

B. 24

C. 270

D. 145


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