Medical Quiz

Safety and First Aid Quiz


The inmediate medical help given to an injured person before the doctor arrives is called “first aid”.

A. True (verdadero)

B. False (falso)

To be safe in the playground

A. push each other

B. wait for your turn at the ride

C. swing very high

D. Don’t follow the rules

A ………………. is a device used to put out fires

A. Fire extinguisher

B. Speak

C. Sprained

Do not play with _________________.

A. Sharp objects

B. football

C. toys

For animal bites

You can apply _________________ to avoid further infection.

A. a sling for support

B. ice pack on the joint

C. antiseptic ointment

Do not touch electric appliances with ___________ hands.

A. dry

B. wet

C. soft

Most of the accidents occur due to our_________________.

A. alertness

B. carelessness

C. awareness

Breaking of a bone

A. Cold water

B. Fracture

C. Acid

D. Rabies

E. Splint

Which of these can you do without adult supervision?

A. Cut vegetables

B. Set off fire

The bandage used to cut off blood flow in case of several bleeding is called a

A. Tourniquet

B. Stirnger

C. Sprains

We should not wear_____________ clothes while near fire.

A. synthetic

B. cotton

A “Sprain” is when:

A. the first medical help given to injured person

B. tissues around a joint get torn.

C. an object falls in the eye

In case of minor burns pour plenty of —— water immediately over it

A. hot

B. cold

C. warm

First aid can only be given by a doctor



Always cross the road at the _________________.

A. zebra crossing

B. footpath

C. road divider

Which of these should be avoided for safety reasons?

A. Jogging

B. Dancing

C. Running across a busy road

D. Taking medicines prescribe by the doctor


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