Medical Quiz

Regulation of Heart Rate Quiz


Baroreceptors detect….?

A. changes in pH

B. changes in temp.

C. changes in pressure

the acceleration of heartbeat is done by:

A. Somatic nervous system

B. autonomic nervous system

C. sympathetic nervous system

D. parasympathetic nervous system

Which part of the brain controls the autonomic activity of the heart?

A. Cerebral cortex

B. Medulla

C. Pituitary gland

How does the body respond to an increase in CO2 conc?

A. No change in heart rate

B. increases heart rate

C. decreases heart rate

What is the AVN responsible for?

A. Opens up the valves to allow blood through

B. Passing Electrical Waves

C. Decreasing Blood Pressure

What factors can decrease heart rate?

A. high pH

B. low pH

C. high temperature

D. adrenaline

E. thyroxine

Does high blood pressure cause the heart rate to speed up or slow down?

A. speed up

B. slow down

How does the body respond to an increase in blood pressure?

A. releases acetylcholine and decreases heart rate

B. releases noradrenaline and increases heart rate

C. releases noradrenaline and decreases heart rate

what is the function of the bundle of HIS

A. coducts the waves of electrical activity between the ventricles to the apex

B. regulates heart rate

C. carries electrical waves to the muscular wall

Chemoreceptors detect…?

A. Changes in pH

B. changes in temp.

C. changes in pressure

what are the receptors involved in changing heart rate?

A. baroreceptors and chemoreceptors

B. photoreceptors and baroreceptors

Where are chemoreceptors located?

A. renal artery

B. carotid arteries

C. lungs

D. sinus

Which neurone increase the speed of your heart rate?

A. Parasympathetic

B. Sympathetic

C. Anaxonic


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