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Male Reproductive System Quiz


Sex cells are produced by __________

A. meiosis

B. mitosis

C. cell division

D. binary fission

Sexual reproduction requires _____ parents and asexual reproduction requires ___ parents

A. 1,1

B. 2,2

C. 2,1

D. 1,2 

A sperm and an egg join together in a process called ________

A. fertilization

B. meiosis

C. condensation

D. mitosis

The male gonad that produces sperm and the male hormone testosterone is the 

A. Penis

B. Epididymis

C. Testis

D. Cowper’s Gland

How many parent(s)are needed for asexual?

A. 4

B. 1

C. 9

D. 100

A major male sex organ that produces and stores sperm.

A. Prostate Gland

B. Testicle

C. Ovary

D. Vas deferens

Sexual reproduction increases genetic _______

A. variation

B. division

C. explanation

D. condensation

Starfish use what type of asexual reproduction?

A. Binary fission

B. Budding

C. Fragmentation

D. Parthenogenesis

One key advantage of asexual reproduction is

A. Offspring complete for food and space

B. It allows organisms to reproduce quickly

C. Extreme temperatures can wipe out entire populations

D. Offspring are different than parent organism

Which process is considered to be faster? 

A. Asexual

B. Sexual 

A set of coiled tubes that connect to the vas deferens.

A. Fallopian tube

B. Epididymis

C. Urethra

D. Seminal Vesicle

Females produce sex cells called ________

A. eggs

B. sperms

C. ovaries

D. uterus

What part of male reproductive system that function as a sac that holds the testes?

A. Vas deferens

B. Scrotum

C. Penis

D. Prostate gland

What is the function of vas deferens?

A. A muscular tube that passes upward alongside the testes and transports mature sperm to the urethra.

B. Sperm storage organ.

C. Feces holding area.

D. It produces sugar- rich fluid that provides sperm with a source of energy to help them move.

The male reproductive organ that stores maturing sperm is the

A. Epididymis

B. Vas Deferens

C. Prostate Gland

D. Urethra

Half the _________ in the offspring come from each parent.

A. genes

B. molecules

C. particules

D. substances

All forms of asexual reproduction use _________________ to grow new cells and organisms.

A. mitosis

B. meiosis

When an egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, a new cell, called a _______

A. zygote

B. eukaryote

C. prokaryote

D. gene

How are genetic traits passed down from generation to generation?

A. Chromosomes

B. Reproduction


D. Genes

Tiny male cell that unites with the female ovum to form a fertilized egg or zygote.

A. Testes

B. Scrotum

C. Sperm

D. Semen

This structure is used for both excretion (urination) and reproductive funtions.

A. Urethra

B. Endometrium

C. Cowper’s Gland

D. Scrotum

What is the primary sex hormones of males?

A. Prostate gland

B. Testosterone

C. Urine

D. Semen


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