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Human Physiology Quiz


Trachea divides at the ________

A. 5th thoracic vertebrae

B. 5th lumbar vertebrae

C. 5th cervical vertebrae

D. 6th thoracic vertebrae

Which is respnsible for thermoregulation

A. Medulla

B. Corpus Callosum

C. Pons

D. Hypothalamus

Erythroblastosis fetalis occurs when

A. Mother is Rh+ and Father is Rh-

B. Mother is Rh- and Father is Rh+

C. Mother is Rh+ and Father is Rh+

D. Mother is Rh- and Father is Rh-

Congestion in lungs is a symptom of_______

A. Myocardial Infarction

B. Cardiac Arrest

C. Heart Failure

D. Heart Attack

Which of the following cannot be measured with a spirometer

A. Vital Capacity

B. Total Lung Capacity

C. Inspiratory Capacity

D. Expiratory Capacity

Which of the following is the most responsible for concentrating urine

A. Permeability of PCT

B. Length of Loop of Henle

C. Permitivitty of DCT and collecting duct

D. None of the above

Which of the following promotes formation of concentrated urine


B. Coffee

C. Renin

D. Rennin

Which hormone prevents the following disease

A. Estrogen

B. Progesterone

C. Testosterone

D. Insulin

Deficiency of which hormone would result delay in clotting

A. Thyroxine

B. Calcitonin

C. Parathormone

D. Glucagon

Which cells secrete an anti-bacterial enzyme?

A. Acinar Cells

B. Paneth Cells

C. Zymogen Cells

D. Goblet Cells

Renal calculi are commonly formed of

A. Calcium Nitrate

B. Calcium Phosphate

C. Calcium Oxalate

D. Calcium Bicarbonate

Choose the correct statement(s) regarding nerve impulse in myelinated neuron

A. Saltatory conduction occurs

B. Depolarisation occurs due to efflux of Na+ ions

C. Hyperpolarisation occurs due to influx of K+ions

D. Repolarisation occurs due to influx of K+ ions


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