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History of Psychology Quiz


Psychological perspective concerned with physiological and biochemical factors that determine behavior and mental processes.

A. behavioral

B. biological

C. psychodynamic

D. evolutionary

The first modern psychologist who was interested in the uncounsious minds was

A. Wilhelm Wundt

B. Francis Galton

C. Sigmund Freud

D. Ivan Pavlov

approach in psychology in which the psychologist studies how unconscious motives & conflicts determines human behavior

A. behaviorist

B. functionalist

C. structuralist

D. psychoanalyst

This person started the first lab for the study of psychology establishing modern psychology as a separate formal field of study. 

A. Wilhelm Wundt

B. William James

C. Francis Gaulton

D. Wolfgang Kohler

Dr. Didden was hired by the TLC Company to help it retain its employees without lowering the firm’s profits. After TLC removed cubicles and permitted employees to decorate their workroomas recommended by Dr. Didden, the absentee rate declined and no employees left for jobs else- where. Dr. Didden is most likely to be

A. clinical psychologist

B. counseling psychologist

C. industrial/organizational psychologist

D. forensic psychologists

a psychologist who analyzes observable behavior & studies conditioning & reinforcement

A. behaviorist

B. functionalist

C. structuralist

D. psychoanalyst

Which early psychological perspective believes that the mind can be broken up into separate parts?

A. introspection

B. structuralism

C. functionalism

D. empricism

Who was nicknamed the “Father of Psychology”?

A. Wilhelm Wundt

B. Edward Titchener

C. William James

D. Sir Francis Bacon

a psychologist who studied the actions of the conscious mind and the goals or purposes of behaviors and how people adapt to their environment

A. structurlist

B. functionalist

C. dualist

D. cognitivist

Psychiatrists differ from psychologists in that they

A. help people cope with challenges and crises.

B. conduct research.

C. experiment with how people perceive, think, and solve problems.

D. are medical doctors licensed to prescribe medication.

Define: Psychology

A. Study of human behavior and animal behavior

B. Study of mental process

C. Study of behavior and mental process

D. Study of mental process and memories

This person father of psychology in the United States taught the first psychology class at Harvard in 1875. 

A. Wilhelm Wundt

B. William James

C. Francis Gaulton

D. Wolfgang Kohler

Psychologists study human _______________________ by observing and measuring how people act. 

A. behavior

B. natural

C. bilogy

D. none of the above

Who studied unconscious and conscious behavior?

A. Sigmund Freud

B. B.F. Skinner

C. Ivan Pavlov

D. John B. Watson


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