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What is the name of the bone highlighted in red?

A. clavicle

B. pelvis

C. ribs

D. scapula

Which types of bones are used for protection?

A. Flat

B. Short

C. Long

D. Irregular

Which of the following statements best describes ‘abduction’ at a ball and socket joint?

A. The movement of a limb away from the midline of the body

B. The movement of a limb in a complete circle at a joint

C. The movement of a limb towards the midline of the body

D. The movement of a limb which decreases the angle of a joint

What synovial joint would you find where the femur and pelvis articulate?

A. Knee

B. Shoulder

C. Ankle

D. Hip

Which is the odd one out?

A. Knee

B. Hip

C. Humerus

D. Ankle

What type of bone is the cranium?

A. Short

B. Long

C. Flat

D. Irregular

What are synovial joints also known as?

A. Freely moving joints

B. Freely moveable joints

C. Free to move joints

D. Free moving joints

Which bone sits in the middle of the ribs?

A. Clavicle

B. Sternum

C. Vertebrae

D. Scapula

What connects bone to bone?

A. Tendons

B. Ligaments

C. Joint Capsule

D. Bursae

How many bones make up the skeleton?
A. 300
B. 200
C. 206
D. 250

A tough but flexible tissue that acts as a buffer between the bones, preventing bones rubbing together and causing friction

A. Bursae

B. Joint Capsule

C. Synovial Fluid

D. Cartilage

Which one of these is incorrect?

A. The skeleton provides oxygen for the working muscles

B. The skeleton provides protection for vital organs

C. The skeleton provides structural shape and points for attachment

D. The skeleton provides support

What bone is highlighted in red?

A. ulna

B. radius

C. humerus

D. patella

Which one of these bones is located at the ankle joint?

A. Femur

B. Humerus

C. Scapula

D. Talus

What bone is highlighted in red?

A. Ulna

B. Radius

C. Humerus

D. Pelvis

A clear and slippery liquid that lubricates the joint and stops the bones rubbing together, is …

A. Bursae

B. Cartilage

C. Synovial Fluid

D. Joint Capsule

The femur is a type of what bone?

A. Long

B. Short

C. Irregular

D. Flat

Which one of these muscles is found at the shoulder joint?

A. Deltoid

B. Gastrocnemius

C. Gluteals

D. Tibialis anterior

Identify the muscle.
A. Hamstring
B. Gastrocnemius
C. Deltoid
D. Latissimus Dorsi

All of the following are functions of the skeleton except:

A. size

B. support

C. movement

D. protection

What are the bones that form a joint at the shoulder?

A. humerus and scapula

B. radius and humerus

C. femur and tibia

D. pelvis and femur

What connects muscle to bone?

A. Ligament

B. Tendon

C. Cartilage

D. Joint Capsule

Tissue that stops synovial fluid from escaping and encloses, supports and holds the bones together

A. Synovial Membrane

B. Joint Capsule

C. Bursae

D. Synovial Fluid


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