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Anatomy Quiz


What is the name of the bone highlighted in red?

A. clavicle

B. pelvis

C. ribs

D. scapula

Which of the following statements best describes ‘abduction’ at a ball and socket joint?

A. The movement of a limb away from the midline of the body

B. The movement of a limb in a complete circle at a joint

C. The movement of a limb towards the midline of the body

D. The movement of a limb which decreases the angle of a joint

Tendons connect

A. to ligaments

B. muscle to muscle

C. Muscles to bones

D. bone to bone

What type of bone is the cranium?

A. Short

B. Long

C. Flat

D. Irregular

The energy source for muscle contraction is

A. Lactic acid


C. Myosin

D. Epimysium

The transport network of the muscle is called the

A. Epimysium

B. Sarcoplasmic reticulm

C. Perimysium

D. Sarcoplasm

What is atrophy

A. Makes muscles small

B. Muscles that stay contracted

C. Striated appearance

D. Actin

Immovable ends of the muscle is the

A. Origin

B. Insertion

C. Perimysium

D. Epimysium

The gap between the nerve and the muscle is called the

A. Synaptic cleft

B. Origin

C. Insertion

D. Rigor Mortis

What are the bones that form a joint at the shoulder?

A. humerus and scapula

B. radius and humerus

C. femur and tibia

D. pelvis and femur

A sarcomere is defined as the region between two

A. Motor end plate

B. Z-lines

C. ADP and phosphate

D. Motor neuron and muscle fiber cell

What bone is highlighted in red?

A. Ulna

B. Radius

C. Humerus

D. Pelvis

How many bones make up the skeleton?
A. 300
B. 200
C. 206
D. 250

Sustained contraction of individual fibers, even when muscles is at rest is known as

A. Neurotransmitter

B. Muscle tone

C. Lactic acid

D. Fascicles

When recruitment occurs, the number of motor units being activated

A. increase

B. decrease

C. stay the same

What is a motor unit

A. Actin and Myosin

B. Motor neuron and muscle fiber cell

C. Epimysium

The femur is a type of what bone?

A. Long

B. Short

C. Irregular

D. Flat

A tough but flexible tissue that acts as a buffer between the bones, preventing bones rubbing together and causing friction

A. Bursae

B. Joint Capsule

C. Synovial Fluid

D. Cartilage

What bone is highlighted in red?

A. ulna

B. radius

C. humerus

D. patella

All of the following are functions of the skeleton except:

A. size

B. support

C. movement

D. protection

Which is the odd one out?

A. Knee

B. Hip

C. Humerus

D. Ankle

What cell organelle provides ATP needed for muscle activity

A. Acetylcholine

B. Mitochondria

C. Perimysium

D. Myosin

Identify the muscle.
A. Hamstring
B. Gastrocnemius
C. Deltoid
D. Latissimus Dorsi

Vesicles in the motor neuron store what substance

A. Neurotransmitter

B. Acetylcholine

C. Perimysium

D. Mitochondria

skeletal muscles are reasonable for moving

A. actin

B. oxygen

C. your bones

D. your blood


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