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Asexual Reproduction Quiz


The genetic material of an offspring of sexually reproducing organisms is best described as–
A. identical to that of the other offspring
B. a copy of the genetic material of the mother
C. a copy of the genetic material of the father
D. genes from both parents, in unique combinations

What is a variation?

A. a trait that helps an organism survive in its habitat

B. genetic variety within a species

If two organisms reproduce sexually, then their offspring will exhibit a genetic makeup that is –

A. identical to only one parent

B. identical to all of its siblings

C. a unique combination of traits

D. none of the above

When comparing the offspring of sexually and asexually reproducing organisms, we would expect the genetic material (DNA) of the sexually reproducing organism to –
A. contain fewer mutations
B. be lesser in quantity
C. be simpler overall
D. show more variation

The offspring from asexually reproduced organisms are?

A. Different than their parents

B. Identical to parents

C. Like a combination from both parents

D. different species

Is the following asexual or sexual reproduction?
A labradoodle is a type of dog that is crossed between a labradoor retriever and a poodle. The labradoodle puppy takes on the traits of both of its parents. Female dogs have a pregnancy period of almost 70 days.
A. Sexual
B. Asexual

How many parents does asexual reproduction involve?
A.     one
B.     two
C.     three
D.     four

What is one advantage of asexual reproduction?

A. offspring are different from parents

B. diseases are not passed from parent to offspring

C. it takes a longer time

D. it takes less time

All of the offspring of an organism have the same genetic material, which is identical to the parent organism. From this, we can conclude that this organism –
A. makes its own food
B. is unicellular
C. live in a marine habitat
D. reproduces asexually


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