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Selective Breeding Quiz


A farmer has bred his pineapple plants from the sweetest pineapples from his last harvest to get even sweeter pineapple plants. What is this an example of?
A. Selective breeding
B. Natural selection
C. Extinction
D. Mutagenesis

Which of the following best represents inbreeding?

A. removing DNA from an organism

B. changing traits based on environment

C. crossing 2 similiar animals

D. crossing 2 different animals

Scientists genetically engineer corn to be immune to corn diseases. This is BENEFICIAL because
A. This causes corn to be less likely to reproduce
B. This causes corn to be less likely to survive
C. This causes corn to be smaller
D. This allows increased production of corn

Problems with selective breeding include

A. Better animals

B. More Meat

C. Animals can have bad health problems

D. More diversity

What is Inbreeding?

A. When two closely related animals are bred together

B. When two non related animals are bred together

C. When animals are allowed to chose their own mates

D. When humans choose which animals will mate together

A clone can be BEST thought of as a(n)  _____ created in the lab. 
A. identical twin
C. science fiction experiment

Which is not a result of selective breeding?

A. Large seedless watermelons that consumer demand

B. Bright oranges that are all about the same size

C. An insect that matches the color of the environment

D. A dog that has been bred to have short hair

    Use the following table to answer this question. A family visited a dog breeder and requested a puppy that had short fur and was friendly and lovable. Which dogs should the breeder select to be the parents of the requested puppy?

    NOTE: X denotes the presence of the features
A.     1 and 2
B.     2 and 3
C.     1 and 4
D.     2 and 4

The purpose of selective breeding is to

A. get bigger animals

B. get smaller animals

C. create animals with desirable traits

D. create animals with bad traits

Problems with animals that are selectively bred include:

A. Being more disease resistant

B. Producing more meat

C. Being more likely to suffer from genetic disease

D. Being more genetically diverse

Which is another term for selective breeding?
A. Artificial selection
B. Natural Selection
C. Intelligent selection

Which of the following is an example of selective breeding?

A. populations of lizards that have a certain trait become more numerous after a change in climate

B. a population of insects develops resistance to a pesticide after farmers repeatedly use the same pesticide to kill the insects

C. a population of bacteria develops resistance to an antibiotic

D. farmers allow only sheep that produces the best wool to breed

To breed a cow that produces a lot of milk a farmer would breed:

A. Two cows that produce a lot of milk

B. A cow and a bull that produce a lot of milk

C. A cow who produces a lot of milk and a bull whose mother produced a lot of milk

D. The biggest cow and the biggest bull

The evolution of dogs from wolves is due to:

A. Natural Selection

B. Sexual Selection

C. Artificial Selection

D. Mutation


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