Medical Quiz

SPED Law-lympics Quiz


Other Health Impairment is one of the categories of disability from IDEA. Which of the following disabilities could fall under “Other Health Impairment”?

A. Visual Impairment

B. Deafblindness

C. Autism


NCLB was replaced by ESSA. ESSA stands for?

A. Every Student Succeeds Act

B. Educating Student School Act

C. Education Students Socially Act

D. English Second School Act

Which one of these is NOT a law about individuals with disabilities?


B. Section 504



Students who have asthma, seizures, ADD, ADHD, and so much more can qualify as OHI. But what does this stand for?

A. Orthopedic Health Impairment

B. Other Health Issues

C. Orthopedic Hearing Impairment

D. Other Health Impairment

A child with ADD has what?

A. Attention Deficit Disorder

B. Academic Developmental Delays

C. Auditory Development Disorder

D. Attention Defict Hyperactivity Disorder

A student identified SLD has what type of disability?

A. Special Language Deficit

B. Specific Language Disability

C. Specific Learning Deficit

D. Specific Learning Disability

Every child is entitle to FAPE, but what is it?

A. Fair And Public Education

B. Forum on Academic Peer Education

C. Free Appropriate Public Education

D. Focus on Appropriate Pupil Education

ABBA was a band. What is ABA?

A. Appropriate Behavior Application

B. Analyze Behavior Appropriately

C. Applied Behavior Analysis

D. Application for Behavior Applied

LRE is the term we use to assess each student carefully to determine the appropriate placement for services. This is an acronym for what?

A. Limited Restrictive Education

B. Least Restrictive Environment

C. Little Restrictive Education

D. Limited Education Restriction

Which of the following is a popular related service?

A. occupational therapy

B. desensitization

C. psychiatry

D. art therapy

Which one of the following is NOT a disability category recognized by IDEA?

A. multiple disabilities

B. intellectual disability

C. developmental delay

D. obsessive compulsive disorder

Someone is in need of a BIP, but what is it?

A. Behavioral Individualized Plan

B. Basic Instruction Plan

C. Benchmarks for Individualized Plan

D. Behavioral Intervention Plan

Many students who have been identified as ED need to have a FBA completed. What does it stand for?

A. Free Behavioral Assignment

B. Free Biology Assessment

C. Functional Biology Assignment

D. Functional Behavioral Assessment

Which law entitles students to special education services while they are school aged?

A. Section 504

B. Americans with Disabilities Act

C. Elementary and Secondary Schools Act

D. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Similar to HIPPA, FERPA protects individuals information in school. FERPA is……

A. family educational rights & privacy act

B. full educational readiness privacy act

C. full educational rights & privacy act

Established in 1990, what is ADA?

A. Association of Disabled Adults

B. Autism Developmental Act

C. Aspergers Disability Awareness

D. Americans with Disabilities Act

Every student who qualifies for Special Education services must have an IEP. What does this stand for?

A. Independent Education Placement

B. Individualized Education Plan

C. Individualized Education Program

D. Individualized Education Period

The law regarding special education services that each state must follow is IDEA. What does this stand for?

A. Individuals with Disabilities Act

B. Individuals Dealing with Education Assignments

C. Individuals with Disorders Act

D. Individuals with Disorders Education

“A person with autism” is an example of:

A. making the least dangerous assumption

B. using person first language

C. viewing the person as having autism

D. using language about a person’s disability

ESY is……

A. Extended Services Yearly

B. Extended School Year

C. Every Student Yearns


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