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Proteins Quiz


What type of reaction is this image showing?

A. Degradation

B. Synthesis

Researchers suggest _________ percent of calories should come from protein each day.

A. 10-25

B. 35-10

C. 30-55

D. 40-65

What type of proteins recognise specific substances and allows them into cells?

A. Enzymes

B. Structural

C. Antibodies

D. Receptors

Protein is the major_______________ of the human body. It builds and maintains tissue.

A. Cardiovascular System

B. Building Blocks

C. REM Schedule

What is a synthesis reaction?

A. Break down reaction

B. Build up reaction

C. Reaction rate stays the same

D. Reaction rate slows down

Nutrients that build and repair tissues and cells e.g. meat, milk, eggs.

A. Fat

B. Minerals

C. Vitamins

D. Protein

Proteins have different functions. Which of the following statements identifies a protein and its function?

A. Enzymes carry chemical messages around the body

B. Hormones carry oxygen around the body

C. Antibodies defend the body against disease

D. Cellulose provides strength and structure to a plant cell wall

Enzymes are made of

A. Cellulose

B. Fats

C. Protein

D. Oil

What type of proteins are chemical messengers?

A. Receptors

B. Enzymes

C. Hormones

D. Antibodies

Athletes having rigorous workouts should focus on one type of protein.



Enzymes are made by

A. Chemical Reactions

B. Only plant cells

C. Only animal cells

D. All living cells

Hormones are composed of

A. Glucose

B. Starch

C. Glycerol

D. Protein

Which of the following are all types of proteins?

A. Hormones, enzymes and antibodies

B. Hormones, nitrates and receptors

C. Antibodies, plasmids and enzymes

D. Receptors. antibodies and nitrates

The main job of antibodies is to

A. Transport hormones

B. Metabolize sugars

C. Store essential amino acids

D. Counteract pathogens

If a person does not consume enough protein, they may experience:

A. lack of muscle mass

B. reduced immunity

C. weakening of the heart

D. All the above

What type of proteins speed up chemical reactions?

A. Receptors

B. Enzymes

C. Hormones

D. Antibodies

What type of protein provides shape and support?

A. Enzyme

B. Structural

C. Antibody

D. Receptor

Protein needs also increase for people who:

A. have injuries

B. have undergone surgery

C. consistently break down muscle during exercise

D. All the above

Enzymes slow down the rate of a chemical reaction



What type of proteins are made by white blood cells and protect against infections?

A. Structural

B. Receptors

C. Hormones

D. Antibodies

What is a degradation reaction?

A. Breakdown reaction

B. Build up reaction

C. Reaction rate stays the same

D. Reaction rate slows down

What site does the substrate bind to on the enzyme

A. Inactive site

B. Active site


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