Medical Quiz

Eyes and Hearing Quiz


The ___________ in the retina convert the image into electrical signals, which are carried to the brain by the optic nerve.

A. Vitreous Humor

B. Photoreceptors

C. Conjunctiva

D. Aqueous Humor

the stimulation of sensory receptors and the sensory information sent to the central nervous system (spinal cord & brain)

A. Perception

B. Sensation

C. Absolute threshold

D. Sensory adaptation

The outer covering of the eyeball consists of a relatively tough, white layer called the what? (or white of the eye)

A. Retina

B. Sclera

C. Optic nerve

D. Lens

part of the brain that transmits sounds to the cerebral cortex

A. Auditory nerve

B. Cochlea

C. Iris

D. eardrum

thin membrane that vibrates when sound waves strike it

A. eardrum

B. Middle ear

C. Cochlea

D. Auditory Nerve

Light enters the eye through the what?

A. Pupil

B. sclera

C. Cornea

D. iris

bony tube that contains fluids as well as neurons that move in response to the vibrations of the liquids

A. Auditory nerve

B. Cochlea

C. Eardrum

what are responsible for night and peripheral (side) vision.

A. Rode

B. Iris

C. Pupile

D. Cones

psychological process by which we interpret sensory stimulation.

A. Sensation

B. Sensory adaptation

C. Singnal-detection theory

D. Perception

What makes us become more sensitive to weak stimuli AND less sensitive to unchanging stimuli.

A. Sensation

B. Perception

C. Sensory Adaptation


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