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Lung & Breathing Quiz


When we breathe in, our lungs get

A. Bigger

B. Smaller

How does your chest change during inhalation?

A. getting bigger

B. getting smaller

C. no change

What is the muscle under the lungs called?

A. Biceps

B. Diaphragm

C. Bronchus

D. Cardiac

What muscles are used in breathing in

A. diaphragm and intercostals

B. diaphragm and lungs

C. Abdominals

Which bones protect the lungs and are also needed for breathing to happen?

A. ribs

B. radius and ulna

C. cranial bones

D. jaw bones

When air is pushed OUT of the lungs, what is the correct order for the tubes it passes through?

A. bronchiole -> bronchi -> trachea -> nose

B. bronchi -> bronchiole -> trachea -> nose

C. trachea-> bronchi -> bronchiole-> nose

What is it called when you breathe in through your nose or mouth?

A. Inhale

B. Exhale

C. Unhale

D. Dehale

How many breaths does the average human take in a day?

A. 6,000

B. 12,000

C. 23,000

D. 46,000

The lungs are found in the

A. Chest

B. Brain

C. Abdomen

What is the name of the tube that is also known as your wind pipe?

A. esophogus

B. bronchi

C. trachea

D. alveoli

You have 2 bronchi, each one is called a _____________.

A. bronchiole

B. bronchus

C. bronchioley

What do nose hairs and mucus do to inhaled air?

A. Filter out dust particles

B. Provide nutrition

C. Transfer oxygen molecules

D. Cool air down

Which picture shows lungs when you exhale?

A. A

B. B

Which of the following show the air passage for exhalation?

A. windpipe–> lungs –> nose

B. lungs –> nose –>windpipe

C. lungs –>windpipe–> nose

D. nose –>windpipe–> lungs

How many lungs do you have?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

Which gas we take in when we inhale?

A. Oxygen

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Nitrogen

D. Hydrogen

Which gas we take out when we exhale?

A. Oxygen

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Nitrogen

D. Hydrogen

The process of movement of air into and out of the lungs is called

A. Circulation

B. Digestion

C. Breathing

D. Excretion

Which of the following will cause faster rate of breathing?

A. sleeping

B. dancing

After you inhale, where does the oxygen go down to get to your lungs?

A. Your heart

B. Your diaphragm

C. Your blood vessels

D. Your windpipe

When we breathe out, our diaphragm becomes

A. relaxed and dome shaped

B. contracted and flattened

C. relaxed and flattened

D. dome shaped and contracted

When we breathe in, our chest moves

A. Upward and outward

B. Inward and downward

C. Upward and downward

D. Inward and outward

What is the name for the microscopic air sacs at the end of the bronchioles?

A. alveoli

B. ravioli

Where does the oxygen that we breathe get absorbed into the blood?

A. The nose

B. The windpipe

C. The heart

D. The lungs

What is the name of the two main branches from the trachea (one to each lung)?

A. bronchi

B. alveoli

C. capillaries

D. bronchioles


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