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Uses of Radioactive Radiation Quiz


For which of the following problems would a scientist most likely use carbon-14? 

A. to calculate the age of the Earth’s oldest rocks

B. to calculate the age of a piece of bone 

C. to identify the elements that make up a rock 

D. to identify the elements that make up a bone

Radioactive sources or radioactive waste storing can be done in containers with thick ____________ walls.

A. Paper

B. Aluminium

C. Lead

D. Glass

Which of these is a use of beta radiation?

A. Sterilising food

B. Smoke detectors

C. Monitoring metal sheet thickness

D. Industrial tracers

Robotic hands are used to handle radioactive substances safely.



Radioactive dating uses the half-life of different radioactive materials to provide information about the _______ of a sample.

A. purity

B. age

C. radioactivity

D. nuclear stability

What is a use of radioactive materials in medicine?

A. oxygen masks

B. antibiotics

C. tracers

D. heat monitors

Radioactivity can be harmful and cause disease because it affects _________.

A. air

B. water

C. cells

D. blood

Suggest way that a scientist can protect themselves against exposure when handling radioactive sources.

A. Storing sources in a lead–lined box using tongs

B. Goggles and gloves

C. Tie hair back

Radioactive tracers are useful in ____.

A. calculating the ages of fossils 

B. fueling nuclear reactions 

C. determining medical problems 

D. treating brain tumors 

How is radiation used to treat cancer?

A. Radiation is used to stimulate the growth of cancer cells

B. Cancer cells are bombarded with radiation and become inactive

C. Cancer cells are burned up by radiation

D. Radiation melts cancer cells

Which of these is a use of alpha radiation?

A. Sterilising food

B. Smoke detectors

C. Monitoring paper thickness

D. Industrial tracers

A benefit to using nuclear fission power is that it:

A. supplies a lot of electricity

B. conserves organic fuels, like oil, coal, and wood

C. eliminates huge quantities of sulfur dioxides, which pollute our air

D. all of the choices

Name the instrument used to detect radioactivity.

A. voltmeter

B. ohmeter

C. seismograph

D. geiger counter


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