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Common Respiratoty Diseases Quiz


This is cause by a virus. Its symptoms are high fever, redness of the respiratory mucous membrane, severe backache and pain in the extremities although acute stage usually last only 1 to 5 days, good care is important to prevent complication like pneumonia.

A. Influenza

B. Diptheris

infections that is most often found in the lungs.

It is easily spread to other people through the mucus expelled when coughing or laughing.

A. colds

B. Tuberculosis

refers to an acute infection of the lungs causing it to fill up with mucus. This is a serious disease caused by a viral and bacterial infection.

A. Pneumonia

B. Tuberculosis

It is acquired through inhalation or following the ingestion of contaminated foods or liquids.

A. Pharyngitis

B. Tonsillitis

This is an inflammation of bronchi. It is caused by the spread of germs following a cold or some other diseases of the respiratory system

A. Pneumonia

B. Bronchitis

It is the most common disease. It occurs 25 times more often than other diseases.

Its primarily cause by a virus.

A. influenza

B. colds

This is an acute bacterial infection of the mucous membrane of the throat and the upper respiratory passages.

A. Tonsillitis

B. Diptheris

the surgical removal of the tonsils

A. Chronic tonsilitis

B. tonsillectomy

Means the infection is spreading in your body and if your lungs are infected, you can spread the disease to others.

A. latent tb

B. active tb

This is a sore throat or inflammation of the pharynx caused by bacteria or virus.

A. Diptheris

B. Pharyngitis

means that you have the tv causing bacteria in your body, but you cannot spread the disease to others.

A. active tb

B. latent tb


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