Medical Quiz

Transportation Quiz


How many chambers does the heart have ?

A. 4

B. 6

C. 3

D. 1

Which blood vessels take blood TO the heart?

A. Veins

B. Arteries

C. Capillaries

Plant absorbs water through the _________. 

A. stem

B. roots 

C. leaves 

D. all of the above

The function of transpiration is to transport _______ and ____________ from the roots to the leaves

A. water, mineral salts

B. food, nutrients

C. water, food

How do plants get their energy?

A. through a reaction called chlorophyll 

B. by a process called photosynthesis 

C. by absorbing mineral nutrients from soil 

D. by eating other organisms 

Root hairs help in absorption of water by

A. increasing the surface area

B. decreasing the surface area

C. holding the plant in the soil

D. none of the above

The thickest and strongest blood vessel is the

A. vein

B. artery

C. capillary

D. both veins and capillaries

What is the function (job) of the platelets?

A. To form clots (i.e. scabs) when you have cuts and grazes.

B. To transport oxygen to the muscles

C. To carry dissolved sugars.

D. To produce antibodies

What is the function of capillaries?

A. Transports deoxygenated blood

B. Transport oxygenated blood

C. Site for exchange of materials

Valves in veins

A. support them

B. protect them

C. prevent the backward movement inside them

D. provide them elesticity

What causes the blood to be the distinct red colour?

A. Heamaglobin

B. Glucose

C. Hormones

D. Oxygen

What takes blood back to the heart?

A. arteries

B. veins

C. capillaries

Separates the chambers of the heart.

A. Septum

B. Veins

C. aortic valve

Which of the following indicates the pathway of water through a plant?

A. root hair cell –> xylem –> stomata

B. stomata –> root hair cell –> xylem

C. xylem –> stomata –> root hair cell

What organ does the blood flow to in order to pick up Oxygen?

A. liver

B. stomach

C. brain

D. lung

What is Heart Rate?

A. The number of times your heart beats.

B. The number of times your heart beats per minute.

C. The maximum amount of times your heart should be.

D. The amount of times your heart should beat while exercising.

What is the function (job) of the white blood cells?

A. To transport oxygen around the body.

B. To carry dissolved sugars.

C. To clot and cover wounds like cuts and grazes.

D. To release antibodies to help destroy infections.

What carries oxygen around the body?

A. Plasma

B. Red Blood Cells

C. Platelets

D. White Blood Cells

Which of the following is NOT a type of blood vessel?

A. Artery

B. Capillary

C. Vein

D. Ventricle

How are arteries and veins different?

A. One is bigger than the other.

B. The arteries carry more blood than the veins.

C. The arteries carry blood away from the heart while veins carry blood to the heart.

D. The veins carry blood away from the heart while arteries carry blood to the heart.

When you go to the doctor and they want to see how hard your heart is pumping, they take your…

A. blood pressure

B. temperature

C. pulse

D. name and address

Name this part.

A. Right ventricle

B. Aorta

C. Right atrium

D. Atrium

The main artery in the heart is the

A. aorta

B. vena cava

C. pulmonary artery

D. pulmonary flow

Which blood vessels take blood AWAY from the heart?

A. Veins

B. Arteries

C. Capillaries

Vascular tissue that transports water and minerals UPWARDS from a plant’s roots is know as ______.

A. Chlorophyll

B. Phloem

C. Stomata

D. Xylem


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