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RDA Dental Caries Quiz


What dental instrument is usually used to check for decay?

A. pliers

B. chisel

C. explorer

D. spatula

Enamel is stronger (more mineralized) than bone.



Which is NOT true of plaque?

A. it is a colorless, sticky coating on the teeth

B. it contains an adhesive substance called the pellicle

C. it is removed by the tongue or by rinsing the mouth with water

D. it contains 99% more oral bacteria than the same amount of saliva

Incipient caries is:

A. white spots, brown spots, decay on tooth surfaces

B. a cavity or hole

C. loss of minerals from the tooth

D. tooth decay that is beginning to form or become apparent

What term indicates multiple decayed areas throughout the mouth?

A. incipient caries

B. frank caries

C. overt caries

D. rampant caries

What is the earliest sign of tooth decay?

A. dark stained tooth

B. white spot

C. hole or cavity

D. pain

CAMBRA stands for:

A. Caries And Management By Right Arm

B. Caries Are Managed By Removing All

C. Caries Management By Risk Assessment

D. Calling All Moms Bring Right Away

Xerostomia is:

A. overproduction of saliva

B. tooth pain

C. dry mouth

D. gingival recession

Cariology is:

A. dry mouth

B. mineral used in dental products to make teeth more resistant to decay

C. loss of minerals from the tooth

D. science and study of dental caries

Demineralization is:

A. replacement of minerals in the tooth

B. formation of a cavity or hole

C. loss of minerals from the tooth

D. dry mouth

What term indicates an exposed root?

A. rampant

B. recurrent

C. cavitation

D. recession

What is the main cause of tooth decay?

A. presence of saliva

B. position of the tooth

C. presence of plaque

D. size of the tooth

The presence of lactobacilli in a patient’s mouth indicates that the patient:

A. is diabetic

B. has a low sugar intake

C. has a high sugar intake

D. cannot tolerate milk-containing products

What is xylitol?

A. replacement of minerals in the tooth

B. formation of a cavity or hole

C. the science and study of dental caries

D. ingredient in chewing gum that has an antibacterial effect

What term refers to tooth decay?

A. xerostomia

B. caries

C. fluorosis

D. demineralization


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