Medical Quiz

Hazards & Risks Quiz


Harm caused by using sharp knife.

A. leukemia

B. metal fume fever

C. cut

D. mesothelioma

Hazard caused from stress with the employer.

A. Physical hazards

B. Biological hazards

C. Chemical hazards

D. Psychological hazards

Hazards caused by repetitive movement

A. Chemical hazards

B. Psychological hazards

C. Biological hazards

D. Ergonomic Hazards

Harm caused by electricity

A. shock or electrocution

B. slips, falls

C. cuts, wounds

D. silicosis

It is a planned system of working to prevent illness and injury where you work by recognizing and identifying hazards and risks.

A. Occupational Health & Safety

B. Safety Precautions

C. Hazards

D. Risks

Is a source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects

A. Hazards

B. risks

C. Adverse effect

D. wet floor

What is the hazard in this picture?
A.     The carpet
B.     The chair
C.     The cable
D.     The desk

Nature of the harm refers to____________.

A. Who will get hurt

B. Where they get hurt

Harm caused by welding.

A. metal fume fever

B. leukemia

C. cut

D. silicosis

What causes the highest number of accidents at work?

A. Falls from height

B. Being hit by a moving vehicle

C. Slips, trips and falls

D. Lifting and carrying

What is the best definition of hazard ?

A. Likelihood of harm in defined circumstances

B. Potential to cause harm

C. A person who is skilled in magic or who has magical powers

D. It is used to generally refer to risky situations whether big or small.

What is OHS stands for?

A. Occupational Health on Service

B. Occupational Health and Safety

C. Occupational Health and Service

D. Occupational Healthy and Safety

Hazard cause by vapor or gaseous substance

A. Biological hazards

B. Psychological hazards

C. Chemical hazards

D. Ergonomic hazards

What is the hazard in this picture?
A.     Spilled water
B.     The electrical heater
C.     The club socket
D.     The wire under the door

Caused by organism such as viruses bacteria fungi and parasites

A. Physical hazards

B. Biological hazards

C. Psychological hazards

D. Ergonomic hazards

Which occupation has the highest rate of people falling sick?

A. Health and Social Work

B. Transport

C. Construction

D. Teachers

is the chance or the probability that a person will be harmed

A. Adverse health effect

B. Hazards

C. risks

D. unsafe condition

Harm caused by wet floor

A. stress

B. cuts

C. slips, falls

D. shock

Identifying hazards makes you _____________

A. comfortable while working

B. safe from working

C. working efficient

D. all of the above


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