Medical Quiz

Renal, Cancer, HIV Quiz


All of the following foods increase risk for foodborne illness except:

A. homemade eggnog

B. feta cheese

C. pasteurized eggs

D. sashimi

Once a patient with renal disease starts dialysis, their diet can contain liberal amounts of protein.



Which of these factors increases the risk of cancer?

A. smoked, chargrilled meats

B. low to moderate alcohol intake

C. sugar

D. phytochemicals

What is considered the best index of overall kidney function?

A. albumin

B. creatinine



A side effect of antiretroviral medications is:

A. muscle wasting

B. anorexia

C. lipodystrophy

D. increased HDL

Consequences of antiretroviral medications include:

A. insulin resistance and wasting

B. insulin resistance and hyperlipidemia

C. hyperlipidemia and anorexia

D. anorexia and lipodystrophy

Name the condition when a patient with HIV has an involuntary weight loss greater than 10% plus either diarrhea or fever for more than 30 days

A. AIDS-defining illness

B. AIDS-wasting syndrome

C. Opportunistic infection

D. Lipodystrophy

Which of the following metabolic changes accompanies acute stress?

A. elevated immune response

B. bradycardia

C. hypoglycemia

D. muscle protein catabolism

Patients with HIV should avoid herbal supplements and high dose multi-vitamin minerals because they can decrease effectiveness of antiretrovirals.



Components of fruits and vegetables that are important for cancer prevention include all of the following except:

A. phytochemicals

B. folate

C. fiber

D. ginger

The renal diet may be limited in the following minerals depending on the stage of the patient’s kidney disease:

A. sodium, postassium, calcium

B. sodium, phosphorous, iron

C. sodium, potassium, magnesium

D. sodium, phosphorous, Vitamin C


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