Medical Quiz

Musculoskeletal Injuries & Workstation Design Quiz


Before handling any load you should…

A. Check the surrounding area for hazards

B. Find out if the load is heavy

C. Ensure the route you will take is clear

D. All of the above

When lifting from a low level you should…

A. Keep your legs straight and bend your upper body forward

B. Keep your back straight and bend your knees

C. Bend both your knees and your back

Keep the load _________ to the body.

A. Far

B. Inside

C. Close

D. Near

When carrying a load you should…

A. Keep the load at arms reach

B. Keep the load as close to you as possible

Never bend your back when you lift the heavy stuff.



How will you lift the stuff?

A. Bend your neck and back

B. Bend your back keep your knees straight

C. Bend your knees and keep the back straight

D. Lift without bending

What is classed as manual handling?

A. Pushing

B. Carrying

C. Pulling

D. Putting down

E. All of the above

What should you keep away from the load?

A. Hand

B. Chest

C. Feet

D. Body

Don’t lift more than you can comfortably…

A. Hold

B. Stop

C. Give away

D. Carry

How will you ensure 2 person lift is carried out perfectly?

A. Coordination between 2 people is must. 1 2 3 lift. Lift on the count of 3.

B. 1 2 3 lift. Lift on the count of 3. Lift one by one to make sure weight is distributed evenly.

C. 1 2 3 lift. Lift on the count of 3. Lift on the count if 1.

What is it called when you have some one to help you to lift the heavy stuff?

A. 2 person lift

B. Couple lift

C. One by one lift

D. All together lift

What type of manual handling activity is this?

A. Pushing

B. Pulling

C. Lifting

D. Carrying

What type of manual handing method is this?

A. Pushing

B. Carrying

C. Lifting

D. Walking

What is the 1st step when you perform manual handling?

A. Lift the weight

B. Clear the path from obstacles

C. Assess the weight

D. Call for help

What will you do if you find that the stuff your lifting is over weight ?

A. Leave it

B. Call for help

C. Get a trolly

D. Go ahead and lift it

Should you hold the load with both hands?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Maybe

D. None of the above

What type of manual handling method is this?

A. Pulling

B. Lifting

C. Carrying

D. Maneuvering

Avoid pushing or pulling on a slope.

A. Yes

B. No

C. Maybe

D. None of the above

By law, employers are required to undertake a…

A. Assessment

B. Risk assessment

C. Workplace assessment

D. Work assessment

What comes under manual handling?

A. Pushing, pulling, lifting

B. Pushing, pulling

C. Pulling

D. Pulling, photography

Moving and handling are also know as…..

A. Manual handling

B. Material handling

C. Method handling

D. None of the above

What would you NOT consider when lifting a heavy load?

A. Its centre of gravity

B. Its weight

C. Its size

D. Its colour

Health and safety legislative acts also protect members of the public from workplace dangers.




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