Medical Quiz

Parts of the Body Quiz


You do this to take in oxygen and drive out carbon dioxide

A. breath

B. breathe

C. disgest

D. pump

The process of ________________ is thought to be a human’s property but research has shown that some animals do have this ability

A. thinking

B. respiration

C. circulation

D. disgestion

This is the main controller of the nervous system

A. nerves

B. brain

C. skull

D. thoughts

The ____________ can be said to be the most sophisticated and efficient pump as it runs without rest for one’s whole life

A. lungs

B. stomach

C. breath

D. heart

Which system is responsible for your body movement?

A. Nervous

B. Muscular

C. Skeletal

D. Digestive

Which system sends and receives messages for our body?

A. Muscular System

B. Nervous System

C. Skeletal System

D. Respiratory System

The bone that protects the brain is the ______.

A. spine

B. skull

C. bone

D. skeleton

This is the longest organ in the human body

A. bones

B. blood vessel

C. intestine

D. skin

Oxygen in absorbed here and brought to other parts of the body by the circulatory system

A. heart

B. lúngs

C. kidneys

D. stomach

The tube of nerves that run through the backbone is the _________.

A. Skull

B. Nerves

C. Spinal Cord

D. Brain

The ________ is the central control for the nervous system.

A. nerves

B. neurons

C. spinal cord

D. brain

It is pumped to every corner of the body to provide nutrition and oxygen

A. blood

B. small intestine

C. nerve

D. blood vessel

The heart and the lungs are housed in this part of the body

A. chest

B. back

C. skull

D. skeleton

Food is stored here before being digested

A. large íntestine

B. stomach

C. small intestine

D. spine

Breaks down food into smaller particles with the help of enzymes so it can be absorbed and used by cells

A. Circulatory System

B. Digestive System

C. Respiratory System

D. Skeletal System


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