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Human Circulatory System Quiz


How does the heart work?

A. It pumps blood first to the lungs, back to the heart and then around the rest of the body.

B. It pumps blood first to the rest of the body, back to the lungs and then to the heart.

C. It pumps blood around the rest of the body, back to the heart and then to the lungs,

The plasma that contains blood cells is mainly made up of 

A. cytoplasm

B. nutrients

C. waste

D. water

What part of the heart is circled in yellow?

A. Left atrium

B. Right atrium

C. Left ventricle

D. Right ventricle

There are three types of vessels:

A. only capillaries

B. Atia, veins and capillaries

C. Arteries, veins and capillaries

D. Arteries, valves and capillaries

in the heart, Each side has an upper chamber ( Called _____ and a lower chamber ( called_______).

A. atrium, ventricle

B. artery, vein

C. atrium, vein

D. ventricle, atrium

Which of the following carries deoxygenated blood?

A. pulmonary vein

B. pulmonary artery

C. aorta

D. coronary artery

__________ is a tiny blood vessel that allows an exchange between the blood and cells in other tissues.

A. artery

B. atrium

C. capillary

D. vein

True or False: The circulatory system does not help the body regulate temperature



The right atrium receives____________ blood from the ________.

A. oxygenated, body

B. deoxygenated, body

C. oxygenated, lungs

D. deoxygenated, lungs

What part of the heart is circled in yellow?

A. Left atrium

B. Right atrium

C. Left ventricle

D. Right ventricle

Tricuspid valve is present between

A. Left atrium and Left ventricle

B. Right atrium and Right ventricle

C. Left atrium and Right atrium

D. Right ventricle and Left ventricle

The circulation of blood between heart and the rest of the body.

A. pulmanory circulation

B. blood circulation

C. Systemic circulation

________ is the blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.

A. atrium

B. vein

C. artery

D. valve

When the atria contract, blood is squeezed into _________.

A. the ventricles

B. the valves

C. the veins

D. the arteries

Which of the following is NOT a formed element of blood?

A. plasma

B. red blood cells

C. platelets

D. white blood cells

What are the blood cells?

A. Erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets.

B. The buffy coat and plasma proteins.

C. Blood cells, cell fragments, and plasma.

D. All compounds synthesized by the blood.

The five main parts of the circulatory system are?

A. heart, blood, nutrients, flakes, skin

B. heart, blood, valves, crust, mantle

C. heart, blood, veins, arteries, capillaries

D. heart, blood, cells, skin, nerves

Which of the following has the thickest wall?

A. Right ventricle

B. Left ventricle

C. Right auricle

D. Left auricle

In which system of the human body does the heart belong?

A. Nervous

B. Skeletal

C. Cardiovascular

D. Digestive

__________are structures that close to prevent blood from going backwards.

A. ventricles

B. valves

C. veins

D. arteries

the oxygenated blood leaves the heart through the _______to the body.

A. superior vene cava

B. inferior vena cava

C. aorta

D. pulmanory vein

The main function of the circulatory system is 

A. To give the body structure and support

B. Excrete waste

C. transport blood, nutrients, and gases throughout the body

D. to transport messages from the body to the brain

Left atrium receives oxygenated blood through

A. Coronary artery

B. Aorta

C. Pulmonary artery

D. Pulmonary vein

Which part of the blood helps fight disease?

A. plasma

B. platelets

C. red blood cells

D. white blood cells

Blood is poured into the right atrium through

A. vena cava

B. Pulmonary vein

C. aorta

D. Pulmonary artery


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