Medical Quiz

Immunity in Humans Quiz


need to give a second injection

A. Artificial Active Immunity

B. Natural Passive Immunity

C. Natural Active immunity

phagocytosis is

A. particles enter through diffusion

B. microorganisms are trapped and digested by phagocytes.

C. microorganisms attack the body

D. phagocytes produce antibodies to attack microorganisms

What are antigens

A. proteins found on lymphocytes surface

B. foreign particles that enter the body

C. and subsequently stimulate the immune response.

D. microorganism that causes diseases.

Natural passive immunity is obtained from

A. antiserum injection or serum

B. individual recovers from an infection and gain permanent immunity

C. vaccine injections

D. mother’s milk

first process in inflammation

A. blood capillaries expand

B. phagocytes carry out phagocytosis

C. damaged tissues release histamine

D. blood clotting mechanism is triggered

what is opsonisation

A. Antibodies combine with antigens and act as a marker for phagocytes to recognise the antigens and destroy them.

B. Antibodies combine with antigens and cause bacteria to be broken down and decomposed.

C. Antibodies bind with toxins produced by bacteria and neutralise the toxin.

number of line defence in the body

A. 2

B. 1

C. 3

D. 4

Antibodies are produced naturally by lymphocytes is

A. Active immunity

B. passive immunity


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