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SSTI and Bone Infections Quiz


MM is a 69 year old male who is admitted to an internal medicine ward with a severe diabetic foot infection. The community where MM resides has a low incidence of community-acquired DM infections due to MRSA. She has NKA and is taking NPH and regular insulin, HCTZ, aspirin, and sertraline. Which of the following is the best option for MM?

A. Amoxicillin/Clavulanate

B. Daptomycin + aztreonam

C. Ampicillin/sulbactam

D. Linezolid + aztreonam

If you have a patient who comes to the emergency room with a soft tissue infection that is identified to be caused by community acquired MRSA, which of the following antibiotics would be the best when treating this infection as an outpatient?

A. Bactrim

B. Augmentin

C. Levaquin

D. Tygacil

Which is a good empiric combination therapy for severe diabetic foot infections in a patient with MRSA and Pseudomonas risk factors?

A. Delafloxacin

B. Augmentin + Vancomycin

C. Cefepime + Metronidazole + Vancomycin

D. Ceftaroline

An otherwise healthy patient presents with a foot infection. The physician would like to use a cephalosporin for treatment of the patient’s infection. Which of the following cephalosporins could be used to treat this infection?

A. Cefazolin PO

B. Cefixime PO

C. Cefpodoxime IV

D. Cephalexin PO

E. Cefuroxime PO

Which of the following abx would be the most appropriate to use for op tx of mild non-purulent cellulitis in a patient with NKA?

A. Cephalexin 500mg Q6H PO

B. Doxycycline 250mg Q6H PO

C. Linezolid 600mg Q12H PO

D. Clindamycin 450 mg Q6H

CA is a 54 year old male with a mild erysipelas. He is allergic to PCN (rash and difficulty breathing). He is currently taking pioglitazone, metformin, enalapril, atorvastatin, and aspirin as an outpatient. Which of the following is the best option for empiric therapy as an outpatient?

A. Cephalexin 500mg Q6H PO

B. Dicloxacillin 500mg Q6H PO

C. Penicillin VK 500mg Q6H PO

D. Clindamycin 300mg Q6H PO

MJ is an 86 year old male who develops osteomyelitis of his right foot due to P. aeruginosa and is placed on cefepime. Which of the following is the best treatment duration for SS.

A. 3 weeks

B. 6 weeks

C. 10 weeks

D. 15 weeks

SATA. What are the primary treatment options for a cutaneous abscess like a carbuncle?

A. X-ray

B. Wound debridement

C. Cultures and sensitivities & Incision and drainage

What SSTI is a serious infection that affects all layers of the skin?

A. Folliculitis

B. Impetigo

C. Ecthyma

D. Cellulitis

AT is a 54 year old female who develops osteomyelitis of his left foot due to E. coli and is placed on ceftriaxone. She is taken to the OR and the surgery report states that there is residual infected, but viable bone. Which of the following is the best duration for SS?

A. 3 weeks

B. 6 weeks

C. 10 weeks

D. 15 weeks

A patient admitted to the hospital with severe back pain is diagnosed with native vertebral osteomyelitis due to MSSA. Which of the following best represents the current recommended duration of antimicrobial therapy for this patient?

A. 4 weeks

B. 6 weeks

C. 8 weeks

D. 13 weeks


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