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We throw away ?? million tons of food every year

A. 7.2

B. 5.1

C. 4.3

D. 6.8

The heat transfer in the process of convection can be sped up by mechanically circulating the gas or liquid surrounding the food being cooked
A. true 

Which vitamin can be obtained from the sun?

A. Vitamin D

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin A

D. Folate

Fatigue, Headaches, Constipation, Dry Skin, are symptoms of:

A. High Blood Sugar

B. Low Blood Sugar

C. Dehydration

D. Anemia

A person can make healthier food choices when shopping for packaged and canned foods by:

A. buying more canned than packaged foods

B. buying only organic food products

C. purchasing larger sizes

D. reading the nutrition labels

Which is NOT a fat soluble vitamin?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin K

C. Vitamin B

D. Vitamin D





Sugars in fruits, honey, & sugar cane that can be digest quickly and give us short burst of energy.

A. Proteins

B. Lipids

C. Simple Carbohydrates

D. Complex Carboyhdrates

Which of the following foods contain gluten?

A. pasta

B. potatoes

C. rice

Which are signs of an allergic reaction?

A. Swollen lips, tongue, or mouth

B. Red rash

C. Hard time breathing

D. All of the above

To stay healthy, you should eat more simple carbohydrates than complex carbohydrates

Seafood is a type of protein.
C. Maybe

What is food security?

A. Where people have access to the food that they need.

B. When food transportation impacts on the environment.

C. When people don’t have access to nutritious food.

D. All of the above.

What is the difference between vegans and vegetarians?

A. Vegans don’t eat dairy.

B. Vegans eat eggs.

C. Vegetarians do’t eat honey.

D. Vegans drink cow’s milk.

What type of food product can’t someone with lactose intolerance eat?

A. Gluten

B. Eggs

C. Cow’s milk

D. Wheat

Comes from the skins of fruits, veggies, and whole grains and cleans our digestive tract.

A. Fiber

B. Lipids

C. Wax

D. Cholesterol

Choosing to convert a vacant city lot into a community vegetable garden is an example of what type of external food influence?

A. economic

B. environmental

C. media

D. technological

Which of these food can’t vegans eat?

A. Eggs

B. Flour

C. Soya milk

D. Tofu

The mineral calcium helps with

A. Blood clotting

B. Regulating the heart

C. keeping bones strong

D. all of the above

What macro-nutrient main job is to provide us with energy?
A. Fats
B. Proteins
C. Carbs
D. Red Bull

Which is the smallest food group on the Eatwell Guide?

A. Sugars

B. Oils & spreads

C. Meat and other proteins

D. Fats

cooking food in enough hot fat to cover 1/2 way up the product
A. pan frying
B. deep frying 
C. poaching
D. simmering

The function of vitamin K is to

A. regulate the heart

B. aid in digestion

C. help the blood to clot

D. boost the immune system

Where does most food go to waste?

A. During transportation

B. On farms

C. In supermarkets

D. at home

what are leftovers?

A. different food

B. ugly food

C. extra food not consumed


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