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Which of these contain lactose?

A. Almond milk

B. Goat’s milk

C. Soya milk

D. Coconut milk

Which one of these is considered the “good fats” that we get from foods?
A. Unsaturated Fat
B. Trans Fat
C. Saturated 
D. Carbs

Which nutrient does the Beans, Pulses, Fish, Eggs and Meat group provide?

A. Fat

B. Dairy foods

C. Carbohydrates

D. Protein

A serious and potentially life threatening allergic reaction is known as:

A. Anaphylaxis

B. Heart Failure

Which is NOT a fat soluble vitamin?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin K

C. Vitamin B

D. Vitamin D

The mineral calcium helps with

A. Blood clotting

B. Regulating the heart

C. keeping bones strong

D. all of the above

Which of these foods can be grown in the UK?

A. Strawberries

B. PIneapple

C. CInnamon

D. Coffee

Vitamins and minerals support many chemical reactions in the body.



Do foods have a carbon footprint?



cooking food in enough hot fat to cover 1/2 way up the product
A. pan frying
B. deep frying 
C. poaching
D. simmering

How many portions of fruit and vegetables should we eat?

A. 5 a week

B. 5 a day

C. 10 a day

D. 2 a day

Overcooking food can destroy nutrients in food

Which 4 foods are people most commonly allergic to?

A. peanuts, Dairy, eggs, and fish.

B. Mango, hot dogs, and potatoes.

C. Avocados, corn, apples, and coffee.

Eating pasta the night before a race is most likely an example of which type of individual food choice factors?

A. adventure and wellness

B. enjoyment and social ties

C. comfort and entertainment

D. nutrition and wellness

When vegetables are cooked to their appropriate temperature, the fibers that make up the cell structure___
A. begin to multiply
B. become tougher
C. break down
D. are unaffected

Sugars in fruits, honey, & sugar cane that can be digest quickly and give us short burst of energy.

A. Proteins

B. Lipids

C. Simple Carbohydrates

D. Complex Carboyhdrates

A lack of vitamin C in the body can cause the disease

A. Rickets

B. Scurvy

C. Beriberi

D. Pellegra

Which of these religious diets don’t eat pork?

A. Muslims

B. Christians

C. Sikhs

D. Hindus

a method that cooks food in enough hot fat to fully cover the item
A. deep fry
B. pan fry
C. poach
D. saute

Which is NOT a source of vitamin C?

A. Oranges

B. Peas

C. Tomatoes

D. Strawberries

There are two types of vitamins water soluble and fat soluble



Where does most food go to waste?

A. During transportation

B. On farms

C. In supermarkets

D. at home

Which part of the body does coeliac disease effect

A. brain

B. heart

C. small intestine

D. arms

poaching, simmering, and boiling are all examples of ___method
A. dry heat
B. moist heat
C. combination
D. braising

cooking in liquid at its highest temperature
A. boiling
B. simmering
C. frying
D. sauteing 


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