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What type of food product can’t someone with lactose intolerance eat?

A. Gluten

B. Eggs

C. Cow’s milk

D. Wheat

A coeliac is a person who can not tolerate

A. meat

B. eggs

C. gluten

D. protein

Vitamins and minerals support many chemical reactions in the body.



There are two types of vitamins water soluble and fat soluble



We throw away ?? million tons of food every year

A. 7.2

B. 5.1

C. 4.3

D. 6.8

poaching, simmering, and boiling are all examples of ___method
A. dry heat
B. moist heat
C. combination
D. braising

When vegetables are cooked to their appropriate temperature, the fibers that make up the cell structure___
A. begin to multiply
B. become tougher
C. break down
D. are unaffected

Overcooking food can destroy nutrients in food

Protein is made up of….

A. Enzymes

B. Amino acids

C. Triglycerides

A food allergy…
A. only causes digestive problems 
B. is not too serious 
C. is life threatening
D. affects all children differently  

People who don’t get enough of this mineral risk getting osteoporosis.

A. Iron

B. Calcium

C. Potassium

D. Sodium

The price of specialty coffee drinks has risen in the United States due to increased demand. This is an example of what type of external food influence?

A. economic

B. environmental

C. media

D. technological

What ingredient do diabetics have to control?

A. Starch

B. Sugar

C. Flour

D. Wheat

Which of the following is the BEST description of simmering food?
A. Cooking in liquid just below boiling
B. cooking in liquid at a very low temperature
C. cooking in liquid at boiling point
D. cooking with pressurized steam

Where does most food go to waste?

A. During transportation

B. On farms

C. In supermarkets

D. at home

Which 4 foods are people most commonly allergic to?

A. peanuts, Dairy, eggs, and fish.

B. Mango, hot dogs, and potatoes.

C. Avocados, corn, apples, and coffee.

The function of vitamin K is to

A. regulate the heart

B. aid in digestion

C. help the blood to clot

D. boost the immune system

a method that cooks food in enough hot fat to fully cover the item
A. deep fry
B. pan fry
C. poach
D. saute

Which would be the healthiest way of cooking potatoes?

A. Baked jacket potatoes – with skin

B. Deep fried as chips – no skin

C. Oven baked as wedges – no skin

D. deep fried as chips – with skin

Comes from the skins of fruits, veggies, and whole grains and cleans our digestive tract.

A. Fiber

B. Lipids

C. Wax

D. Cholesterol

Vitamins supply energy.



Which one of these is considered the “good fats” that we get from foods?
A. Unsaturated Fat
B. Trans Fat
C. Saturated 
D. Carbs

Which special diets wouldn’t eat cheese?

A. Lactose Intolerance

B. Vegans

C. Both

An allergy is when there’s a food someone can’t eat because it will __________.

A. make them sick.

B. help them grow big and strong.

C. be good for them.

What happens if you eat more carbohydrates then your body needs?
A. becomes DNA 
B. turns to fat 
C. creates extra energy 
D. becomes waste


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