Medical Quiz

Disease, Illness and Sickness Quiz


When you are susceptible to severe reactions then

A. you do not trust these reactions

B. you think about having these reactions all the time

C. it is very likely that you might have them

To roll out vaccines means

A. to launch a vaccination campaign

B. to be vaccinated by your GP

C. to show the vaccines to everybody

An underlying health issue is

A. a comfortable position for sleeping well

B. a medical problem that is usually chronic or significant

C. a healht problem that many people suffer from

Side effects of a vaccine are

A. an additional benefit patients have when being vaccinated

B. severe reactions patients might suffer from when being vaccinated

C. nothing that patients need to be concerned about

A synonym for “prone to”, is

A. susceptible to

B. easy to

C. translate to

An illness is definded as

A. as a medical condition a patient suffers from

B. a pathological process

C. a patient’s personal perception of a condition

The virus mutations are more contagious, because

A. they attack people

B. they spread more easily

C. no vaccine has been developed, yet

A patient is compliant when

A. he/she follows recommendations for health care management

B. he/she doesn’t follow recommendations for health care management

C. he/she is admitted to hospital

A droplet infection is

A. an infection that occurs when it is raining cats and dogs and people get a cold

B. an infection transmitted from one individual to another by droplets of moisture expelled from the upper respiratory tract through sneezing or coughing.

C. an infection transmitted from one individual to another by touching the same surface

A synonym for “people are vaccinated” is

A. people are shot

B. people are inoculated

C. people are numbed

A sickness is defined as

A. a medically defined pathology

B. the social role involved with diseases

C. a functional impairment

A disease is defined as

A. a condition that needs to be cured

B. a personal perception of a condition

C. a feeling of discomfort


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