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Dermatology Quiz


Where are the sweat glands or sebaceous glands located?

A. Dermis

B. Muscle

C. Hypodermis

D. Epidermis

Calluses are most commonly found where?

A. Bottom of foot pads

B. On the lateral aspect of elbows

C. Around the mouth

D. On the medial aspect of elbows

If you took a FNA from a pustules, you are likely to find?

A. inflammatory cells

B. muscus

C. pus

D. sweat

Which term describes large spots of haemorrhage?

A. Ulcers

B. Petechiae

C. Purpura

D. Pustules

Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy is more commonly known as what?

A. Alabama Rot

B. Ringworm

C. Aspergillosis infections

D. Flea infestation

The most common cause of canine pyoderma?

A. E.coli

B. Staphylococcus intermedius

C. Mites

D. Demodex

Which is NOT a sign of a aspergillosis infection?

A. Depigmentation of the nose

B. Pustules

C. nasal discharge

D. epistaxis

What is ringworm caused by?

A. bacteria

B. fungi

C. virus

D. trauma

For which ONE of the following clinical conditions would a hair pluck be the most suitable sample for confirming a diagnosis?

A. Otitis externa

B. Allergy

C. Trauma

D. Dermatophytosis


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