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Who am Eye? Quiz


I am friends with transduction and am responsible for sending the correct energy along the Optic Nerve

A. Reception

B. Selection

C. Perception

D. Transmission

I am the type of energy in taste that is transformed into electrochemical energy

A. Mechanical

B. Electrical

C. Nuclear

D. Chemical

I am one of the Gestalt principles that focus on the idea that objects that appear closer together the brain will generally group together.

A. Proximity

B. Figure-ground

C. Similarity

D. Closure

I am the final stage in the process of Perception

A. Conduction

B. Interpretation

C. Organisation

D. Expression

I am the name of the process by which ‘light’ energy becomes electromagnetic energy. I am important because otherwise, the information received by the eye could not travel down the Optic Nerve.

A. Transduction

B. Transmission

C. Reception

D. Perception

I respond to very low levels of light and am mostly responsible for night vision

A. Rods

B. Cones

C. Gustatory hair

D. Ocular receptor

I am really useful in bright light, especially if you detect fine detail and colour

A. Rods

B. Monocular

C. Cones

D. Iris

I am the major sense organ involved in taste perception

A. Tounge

B. Tastebuds

C. Papillea

D. Taste pore

I am the sensory organ for vision

A. Brian

B. Eye

C. Optic nerve

D. Retina

I play a major role in focusing light onto the retina

A. Iris

B. Lens

C. Optic nerve

D. Pupil

I am not one of the five senses that humans possess

A. Touch

B. Smell

C. Taste

D. Thought

I am the assumption that if something looks tasty, it probably is

A. Perception

B. Taste

C. Appearance

D. Sensation

Light initially enters the eye through me

A. Retina

B. Iris

C. Pupil

D. Cornea

There are approximately 10,000 of me found on the major sense organ

A. Tastebud

B. Papille

C. Gustatory hairs

D. Taste pore

I am one of the most well known Visual Perception Principles. I include four major ideas including figure-ground and similarity

A. Sensory principals

B. Getsalt principals

C. Gestalt principles

D. Sensation principles

There are between 50-100 of me on each taste bud and I only live for 10 days

A. Tastepore

B. Papille

C. Receptor site

D. Gustatory hair

I carry information from the eye and to the brain so that the information can be interpreted

A. Optic nerve

B. Neuron

C. Gustatory cortex

D. Cerebrum

I am the first stage of the process of Sensation

A. Transduction

B. Sensation

C. Selection

D. Reception

I am one of the factors that influence our perception of taste. I allow you to enjoy or dislike a flavour due to the feeling you have when eating, or thinking about the food item

A. Emotional state

B. Past experience

C. Memory

D. Association

I am the coloured part of the eye

A. Cornea

B. Iris

C. Pupil

D. Optic nerve

I am the relevant cortexes of the brain that interpret Visual and Gustatory stimulus

A. Sensory organs

B. Eye and tongue

C. Visual and Gustatory Cortex

D. Cerebellum

I am the minimum amount of physical energy needed to detect the presence of a stimulus, in ideal conditions, 50% of the time

A. Receptive field

B. Receptive range

C. Absolute threshold

D. Receptive strength

I am the name for specialised neurons found in the retina that detect and respond to light

A. Thermoreceptor

B. Photoreceptor

C. Chemoreceptor

D. Merchanoreceptor

I am the process by which the eye receives incoming light from the external environment

A. Selection

B. Transmission

C. Transduction

D. Reception

I am an opening in the Iris which helps to control how much light enters the eye

A. Pupil

B. Lens

C. Optic muscle

D. Ocular


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