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Functional Anatomy in Track & Field Quiz


which event do you need to flex and extend your knee joint?

A. Javein

B. hurdles

C. relay

D. all of the above

Which muscle contraction is occurring when you are performing a PLANK?

A. Contracting

B. Isometric

C. Abdominals

D. Isotonic

when doing a RELAY CHANGEOVER what is important?

A. passing the baton at speed

B. waiting for your incoming runner to get to you

C. looking for the baton

D. passing the baton slowly and precisely

Which two movements occur at the hip joint?

A. flexion and extension

B. abduction and adduction

C. rotation

D. all of the above

The type of muscle found in the heart?

A. cardiac

B. voluntary

C. involuntary

D. smooth

Which 2 movements occur at the elbow?

A. flexion and rotation

B. abduction and adduction

C. flexion and extension

D. rotation and adduction

What is this the definition for? Where two or more bones meet?

A. Joint

B. Knee

C. Tibia

D. Fibula

Which TYPE of muscle do you find in your digestive system?

A. Voluntary

B. involuntary

C. cardiac

D. all of the above

Which bone is this?

A. ribs

B. scapula

C. pelvis

D. patella

Joins Muscle to Bone

A. Tendon

B. Ligament

C. Muscle

D. Cartilage

when you prepare for a javelin throw, your throwing elbow should be ___________

A. bent

B. rotated

C. flexed

D. extended

Which TYPE of bone is your FEMUR

A. short

B. long

C. irregular

D. flat

Join’s BONE to BONE

A. Cartilage

B. Muscle

C. Tendon

D. Ligament


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