Medical Quiz

Cells, Tissues and Organs Quiz


What is label W?

A. nucleus

B. cytoplasm

C. cell membrane

D. cell wall

Food is broken down in the stomach and the nutrients are absorbed into the blood by the:

A. liver

B. stomach

C. large intestine

D. small intestine

What are chloroplast?

A. cough medicine made from plant cells

B. chemcial stored in the vacuoles of plant cells

C. poisonous to cells

D. gives plants their green colour

Which part do plant cells have but animal cells do not?

A. cell wall

B. cytoplasm

C. cell membrane

D. nucleus

All organs contain:

A. cell wall

B. tissues

C. systems

D. acid

Which organ is NOT part of the digestive system?

A. stomach

B. large intestine

C. small intestine

D. heart

The heart pumps blood around the body, what is transported in the blood?

A. water and acid

B. carbon dioxide and energy

C. energy and bacteria

D. oxygen and food

What is MRS GREN?

A. 7 food groups

B. 7 organs in the body

C. 7 life processes

D. 7 types of cells

Robots can act just like humans. A reason why they are non-living is because they do not:

A. reproduce

B. require an energy source

C. move

D. sense things in their surroundings

Your heart is made of:

A. food

B. skin

C. muscle and fat

D. blood

Which specialist cell is NOT found in animals?

A. red blood cell

B. guard cell

C. skin cell

D. nerve cell

Which is NOT alive?

A. Flower

B. Insect

C. Fire

D. Tree

Which organ is labelled Z?

A. stomach

B. large intestine

C. liver

D. lung

Which 7 life processes (MRS GREN) is used when a mouse smells cheese?

A. movement

B. sensitivity

C. reproduction

D. respiration

Which three things do all animals and plants do?

A. grow, reproduce, play

B. eat meat, reproduce, move

C. walk, talk, breathe

D. grow, reproduce, get rid of waste

Which 7 life processes (MRS GREN) are the kidneys used for?

A. sensitivity

B. respiration

C. excretion

D. growth

On the animal cell, what is the job of label W?

A. makes energy

B. makes food

C. controls the cell

D. protects the cell

Arteries and veins are part of the:

A. digestive system

B. breathing system

C. circulatory system

D. musculoskeletal system

Which organ system carries information around the body?

A. digestive system

B. respiratory system

C. circulatory system

D. nervous system

What is the job of the lungs?

A. pump blood around the body

B. take in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide

C. break down food

D. control the body

An organ system is:

A. a collection of organs working together to do an important job

B. a collection of tissues that do the same job

C. a collection of tissues that do different jobs

D. a way of counting the number of organs in the body

Which best describes ’tissue’?

A. basic unit of life

B. group of cells working together

C. group of organs working together

D. group of organ systems working together

What does M stand for in MRS GREN?

A. Muscle

B. Movement

C. Microscope

D. Massive

What is label Y?

A. clip

B. focus lens

C. stage

D. eye lens

The job of the root hair cell is to:

A. help protect a root

B. help a root to take in water

C. help to get rid of wastes from a root

D. use photosynthesis to make food


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