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Meiosis and intro to Genetics Quiz


What causes genetic variation in meiosis?
A. chromosomes lining up
B. crossing over of chromosomes
C. separation of chromosomes
D. chromosomes pulling apart

Why were pea plants perfect a study on Heredity?

A. Pea plants were easy to care for and produced many offspring

B. The Traits were distinct and easy to identify

C. One gene controlled one trait. (i.e. it was simple)

D. All of These

What kind of genotype has 2 recessive alleles

A. homozygous dominant

B. heterozygous

C. homozygous recessive

D. heterozygous recessive

Is it possible for a man to express an X linked trait, and why or why not?

A. Yes, and they are even more likely because they only posess one X chromosome

B. Yes, because their X comes from mom and is weaker

C. No, because the X is the girl chromosome

D. No, because their 2nd X will overpower it

G = green, g = yellow
The genotype for a yellow plant is…
B. Gg
C. gg
D. all of the choices result in yellow

Which of the following alleles is homozygous (purebred) recessive?
A. Tt
B. tt
D. t

Two brown eyed parents (Bb) have a baby. What is the chance the baby is blue eyed?
A. 0%
B. 25%
C. 50%
D. 75%

What is a phenotype
A. The genetic make up (code)
B. The physical trait

A male shark has 40 chromosomes in each of its sex cells. How many would be present in its body cells?
A. 20
B. 40
C. 80
D. 160

This type of phenotype is less likely to be prominent in offspring
A. Dominant genotype
B. Recessive genotype
C. Dominant phenotype
D. Recessive phenotype

Which of the following genotypes belongs in the red box in the Punnett square?

a. XBXb
b. XbXb
c. XbY
d. XBY

What specifically about Pea Plants did Mendel Study?

A. Color of Pea Flower

B. Colors of individual Peas

C. Texture of Peas

D. All of these

If B = brown hair and b = blonde hair, what is the probability of brown hair?
A. 25%
B. 50%
C. 0%
D. 75%

What was Mendel’s first conclusion?

A. Pea plants were inheriting a pair of genetic instructions from both parents.

B. Pea plants were inheriting genetic instructions from their grandparents.

C. Pea plants were inheriting genetic instructions only from their maternal parent.

D. Pea plants were inheriting genetic instructions only from their paternal parent

What did Gregor Mendel study?

A. Mold Spores

B. Pea Plants

C. Sun Flowers

D. Rats

Females have ____ and males have _____ chromosomes.

Is it possible for a female to express a Y-Linked trait, and why or why not?

A. Yes, Because they have room on their X Chromosome for it

B. Yes, Because they can take it from the father

C. No, Because the copy on their X Chromosome will overpower the copy on their Y chromosome

D. No, Because they lack a Y chromosome

If a trait shows up more commonly in men than women it is probably
A. not inherited
B. on the x chromosome and dominant
C. on the x chromosome and recessive
D. on a normal body chromosome

What do we call the result of the genotype (for example, the color of the peas)?
A. Visible traits
B. Physiotrait
C. Genotype 2
D. Phenotype

Males are more likely to suffer from a sex-linked disease or disorder because
A. males are the weaker sex
B. males have less DNA
C. males have 1 X chromosome, so the disorder is more likely to be expressed

A ________________________ is used to predict the possible genotype from certain parents
A. Mendel Grid
B. Genetic Tic Tac Toe
C. Punnett Square
D. Pedigree Plot

Crossing over helps promote 
A. male genotype
B. genetic variation
C. DNA replication
D. mitosis

Recessive alleles are-
A. capital
B. lowercase
C. both
D. neither

What allele combination should go in the missing box?
B. Aa
C. aa
D. none of these

In a heterozygous genotype, the ___________ allele takes over in the phenotype.
A. recessive
B. dominant
C. lower case letter
D. both 


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