Medical Quiz

Sense of Sight Quiz


what is the outer white layer of the eye?

A. retina

B. pupil

C. melanin

D. sclera

The middle layer of the eye is the _.

A. iris

B. choroid layer

C. cordiva layer

D. cornea

Which among the following is the one who interprets and corrects the inverted images into an upright position?

A. retina

B. optic nerve

C. brain

D. pupil

This is an eye condition wherein a person has good near vision but poor distant vision.

A. strabismus

B. farsightedness

C. nearsightedness

D. astigmatism

What part of the eye is the transparent part of the coat of the eyeball, which, lights enter through it?

A. iris

B. cornea

C. pupil

D. sclera

What is the name of the pigment that gives color to the eye?

A. melanin

B. iris

C. choroid layer

D. lens

What are the function of eyebrows and eyelashes?

A. to moist for the eyelids

B. to let the eyes enter the light

C. to give color to the eye

D. to protect the eyes from sweat, dust, and other foreign particles.

The _ is a hollow sphere that is divide into two cavities. When you touch it, it feels like balls.

A. eyelashes

B. eyelids

C. eyebrows

D. eyeballs

The small opening in the middle of the iris is called the _.

A. pupil

B. choroid layer

C. retina

D. cones

Each eyeball is set in a protective cavity in your skull, called _.

A. socket or orbit

B. eyelids

C. eyeballs

D. iris

What part of the eye that attaches to the retina and carries impulses from the light-sensitive cells to the brain?

A. aqueous humor

B. vitreous humor

C. optic nerve

D. Rods


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