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Nutrition Quiz


Energy drinks contain a lot of

A. goodness

B. flavor

C. nutrients

D. added sugar

In a healthy well fed individual ______________ is act as an barrier and prevent the entry of pathogens.

A. skin

B. mucosal membrane

C. tissues

D. all the above

what is the process of taking food into the body?

A. digestion

B. swallowing

C. ingestion

D. chewing

Among the following group of plants, select the plant where you find stomata open at night and close by day time

A. Epiphytes

B. Succulents

C. Mangroves

D. Hydrophytes

Which Amino Acid is seen as most superior for Muscle Protein Synthesis

A. Leucine

B. Glutamine

C. Valine

D. Iso-Valine

True or False. Carbohydrates and Proteins break down into sugars.



Which type of fats may help lower your risk of heart disease?

A. Saturated fats

B. Unsaturated fats

C. Trans fats

D. Cholesterol

Temporary finger like extension on amoeba are called

A. Cell membrane

B. Cilia

C. Pseudopodia

D. Cytopharynx

This nutrient is the main fuel for our bodies

A. carbohydrates

B. protein

C. fat

D. calories

Which of the following enzymes digests proteins?

A. Trypsin

B. Lipase

C. Peptidases

D. Amylase

Which nutrient makes up the largest percentage of your body and cells?

A. Water

B. Proteins

C. Carbohydrates

D. Lipids

Which of the following is NOT a major activity of the stomach?

A. mechanical digestion

B. HCl production

C. nutrient absorption

D. enzyme secretion

What is the main role of carbohydrate in the human body

A. Muscle Protein Synthesis

B. Energy production

C. Lipolysis

D. Gaining weight

Which statement about photosynthesis is correct?

A. Plants get the energy they need for photosynthesis from water.

B. Plants get the energy they need for photosynthesis from soil.

C. Plants get the energy they need for photosynthesis from sunlight.

D. Plants get the energy they need for photosynthesis from carbon dioxide.

Goats and cows have longer small intestine because

A. To digest chitin

B. To digest cellulose

C. To digest protein

D. To digest fats

Define the term ‘balanced diet’.

A. A diet containing some nutrients in the correct proportions.

B. A diet containing none nutrients in the correct proportions.

C. A diet containing most nutrients in the correct proportions.

D. A diet containing all nutrients in the correct proportions.

Which protein is contractile?

A. Myofibrillar

B. Mitochondrial

C. Ketones

D. Leucine

You get all the water you need by drinking one soft drink each day.

Name the glands associated with the Human Digestive System?

A. Only salivary glands and pancreas

B. Only salivary glands and liver

C. Only liver and pancreas

D. Salivary Glands, Liver and Pancreas

Plants developed into Carnivores when they have ———- deficiency

A. Carbon

B. Oxygen

C. Nitrogen

D. Sulphur

Typhoid is caused

A. Salmonilla typi

B. salmonella typhi

C. nova virus

D. corona virus

When it is chilly and raining outside, there is no photosynthesis taking place. What is the limiting factor?

A. Temperature

B. Rainfall

C. Carbon Dioxide

What process uses oxygen and food molecules to produce energy in animal cells?

A. Digestion

B. Photosynthesis

C. Respiration

D. Diffusion

Which vitamin helps your body heal cuts and scratches? (found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits)
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D

What is letter “D” pointing to?

A. upper epidermis

B. palisade mesophyll

C. spongy mesophyll

D. air space


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