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Nutrition Quiz


What process uses oxygen and food molecules to produce energy in animal cells?

A. Digestion

B. Photosynthesis

C. Respiration

D. Diffusion

we need to restore positive nitrogen balance to

A. reduce the burden on kidneys

B. improve electrolyte imbalance

C. improve fluid imbalance

D. all the above

Organic compounds that control several body functions. e.g. A, C, K
A. Carbohydrates
B. Metabolism
C. Vitamins
D. Digestion

This helps your immune system, and the ability to heal
A. Vitamin D
B. protein
C. calcium
D. Vitamin C

This helps your bones and teeth
A. Vitamin D
B. protein
C. calcium
D. Vitamin C

If carbon dioxide is completely removed from a plant’s environment, what would you expect to happen to the plant’s production of high-energy sugars (rate of photosynthesis)?

A. Sugar production will likely increase.

B. Sugars will not be produced.

C. The rate of sugar production will decrease .

D. Fewer sugars will be produced at first, but then the plant will recover.

Which of the following is an example of an AUTOTROPH?

A. Appletree

B. Dog

C. Mushroom

D. Human

Fibre is needed for what?

A. healthy blood

B. cell chemistry

C. prevent constipation

D. energy

Which component of a healthy, balance diet is responsible for providing energy before an event?
A. Fats
B. Proteins
C. Carbohydrates
D. Vitamins

what is synergism?

A. combined effect of malnutrion and infection

B. infection because of malnutrion

C. malnutrition due to infection

D. all of the above

99% is found in bones and teeth
A. Vitamin D
B. protein
C. calcium
D. Vitamin C

Which molecule is found in a triglyceride?

A. Lipase

B. Glycerol

C. Glycogen

D. Glucose

People who continually consume way to many calories will become

A. a happier person

B. skinny

C. obese

D. a great athlete

Which structures open and close stomata to allow gas exchange but prevent water loss in leaves?

A. Epidermis

B. Vascular tissue

C. Guard cells

D. Spongy mesophyll

How does photosynthesis benefit heterotrophs?

A. It adds carbon dioxide to the air.

B. It creates a source of energy they can eat.

C. It creates clean water.

D. It eliminates harmful sugars.

Which of the following would be considered a Low GI Carbohydrate

A. White Rice

B. Wholewheat Bread

C. Ice Cream

D. Glucose Gel

The body’s main source of energy

A. Protein

B. Vitamins

C. minerals

D. Carbohydrates

The human body could last longer without water then food

What is the purpose of MyPlate?

A. to learn how to set a table

B. to teach people how to eat a balanced meal

C. to teach people how to count

D. to act as a guide for healthy eating

True or False. Carbohydrates and Proteins break down into sugars.



Are all calories the same regardless of which foods they come from?

A. Yes

B. No

Celery is a ‘negative calorie’ food



Which of the following foods contain little or no carbohydrates?

A. bread

B. cucumber

C. pasta

D. potatoes

Crystal needs more protein in her diet. Which food BEST provides the building blocks she needs to get more protein?

A. Beans, Poultry, and Meat

B. Vegetables, Seeds, and Fats

C. Fruits Water, and Dairy Products

Which level of blood sugar would be considered Hypoglycemia?

A. 2.1 mmol/L

B. 4-7 mmol/L

C. 7.5 mmol/L

D. 5 mmol/L


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