Medical Quiz

Nutrition Quiz


You get all the water you need by drinking one soft drink each day.

Diet soft drinks are good for you



People who continually consume way to many calories will become

A. a happier person

B. skinny

C. obese

D. a great athlete

What can happen if you don’t eat enough?

A. obesity

B. starvation

C. Diarrhoea

What diseases are caused by the lack of food resources in the picture

A. atherosclerosis

B. goitre

C. high blood pressure

D. kwashiorkor

Foods such as broccoli and almonds are a good source of calcium in the diet



What is the name of the elongated, packed cells (part G) directly under the upper epidermis?

A. Palisade cells

B. Guard cell

C. Spongy layer

D. Lower epidermis

Which of the following would be considered a Low GI Carbohydrate

A. White Rice

B. Wholewheat Bread

C. Ice Cream

D. Glucose Gel

Which of the following foods contain little or no fibre?

A. apples

B. carrots

C. cheese

D. peas

Energy drinks contain a lot of

A. goodness

B. flavor

C. nutrients

D. added sugar

Which of the following foods is NOT a protein?
A. Orange
B. Steak
C. Eggs
D. Chicken

You need __________ to help digest food and get rid of waste
A. calcium
B. carbohydtates
C. protein
D. water

Which mineral helps build strong bones and teeth? (found in milk)
A. Potassium
B. Calcium
C. Iron
D. None

Which of the following correctly describes the purpose of digestion?

A. To break down complex food molecules into simple soluble molecules

B. To make complex food molecules from simple soluble molecules

C. To make use of simple soluble food molecules

D. To remove complex food molecules from the body

Vitamin A is great for your vision at night?

Which do you want the most of in your diet?

A. Protein

B. Sugar

C. Trans Fat

D. Saturated Fat

You get the energy you need for your daily activities from the food you eat.

Tube feeding is a type of

A. Nutritional modification

B. Texture modification

C. Food allergy intolerance modification

What is letter “D” pointing to?

A. upper epidermis

B. palisade mesophyll

C. spongy mesophyll

D. air space

The leaf has a shiny, waxy cuticle around it to

A. increase the rate of photosynthesis

B. attract more light

C. control water loss

D. stop carbon dioxide and oxygen gases escaping

Therapeutic diet refers to

A. diabetes

B. food allergies

C. the use of diet or certain foods in the treatment and management of diseases.

D. a medical condition

Muscular tongue helps in

A. Mixing the food with saliva

B. Converting larges pieces of food into bolus

C. Chewing

D. All the above

Why is a healthy diet important?

A. It maintains a constant body temperature

B. It prevents damage to internal organs

C. It makes oxygen for all the cells in the body

D. It supplies the body’s needs for growth and energy

Gatorade and Powerade are a healthy alternative if you don’t want water



Which of the following is NOT a major activity of the stomach?

A. mechanical digestion

B. HCl production

C. nutrient absorption

D. enzyme secretion


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