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What is the sex cell for females





Identical twins have exactly the same traits because…

A. they have exactly the same genes

B. they have exactly the same mother

C. they have exactly the same father

D. they have exactly the same traits

Why is DNA called the blueprint of life?

A. it contains genetic information which is important for trait inheritance

B. it contains unwanted traits that could be inherited

C. it holds the instructions for an organism’s or each cell’s development and reproduction

D. all of the above

How many sets of chromosomes do humans have?

A. 13

B. 23

C. 33

D. 43

Most mutations in the DNA are considered

A. harmful

B. beneficial

C. no effect

D. unbelievable

The DNA shape is

A. rectangular

B. circular

C. triangular

D. spiral

Genes are found in

A. cytoplasm

B. chromosome

C. mitochondria

D. ribosome

DNA directs the sequencing of

A. amino acids

B. fats

C. ribosomes

D. traits

The protein adenosine is paired with

A. thymine

B. guanine

C. cytosine

D. all of the above

A change in the DNA sequence is called a

A. replication

B. translation

C. multiplication

D. mutation

Who is the father of modern genetics?

A. James Watson

B. Charles Darwin

C. Gregor Mendel

D. Herb Boyer

The proteins found in DNA are

A. adenine, thymine, chromatin, guanine

B. adenine, thymine, cytosine, guavanine

C. adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine

D. adenosine, thymine, cytosine, guanine


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