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DNA Structure and Function Quiz


DNA Replication produces ___ new DNA molecules; each with one _______strand and one _____ strand.

A. 1, original, original

B. 2, original, and new

C. 2, new, and new

Genes are found in

A. cytoplasm

B. chromosome

C. mitochondria

D. ribosome

Where does the DNA separate prior to replication?

A. base

B. chromosome

C. origin

D. it never separates

What is the function of DNA?

A. allow sunlight for photosynthesis

B. produce food for energy

C. storage of genetic information

What part of our DNA is different from other species and individuals who have different traits?

A. nucleus

B. genes

C. jeans

D. deoxyribose

What happens in the process of DNA replication? 3 steps

A. 1 unwind
2 unzip
3 enzymes use original strand as template

B. 1 unzip
2 unwind
3 enzymes use original strand as template

C. 1 enzymes use original strand as template
2 unwind
3 unzip

Most mutations in the DNA are considered

A. harmful

B. beneficial

C. no effect

D. unbelievable

According to the principle of base pairing, bonds can only form between ________ and ____________; __________ and ____________.

A. adenine and thymine;
cytosine and guanine

B. lion and tigers;
bears and monkeys

C. hydrogen and oxygen;
carbon dioxide and gradient

D. atoms and thyme;
carbon and gradient

A change in the DNA sequence is called a

A. replication

B. translation

C. multiplication

D. mutation

What 3 things make up a nucleotide in DNA?

A. sugar, phosphate, and nitrogenous base

B. sugar, carbohydrates, and protein

C. nitrogenous base, sugar, and carbohydrates

What are the 4 biomolecules?

A. Proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids

B. peanuts, candy, lollipops, nerds

C. head, shoulders, knees, toes

The sugar ___________ is found in DNA.

A. deoxyribose

B. chromosome

C. phosphate

D. nitrogen

Identical twins have exactly the same traits because…

A. they have exactly the same genes

B. they have exactly the same mother

C. they have exactly the same father

D. they have exactly the same traits

The protein adenosine is paired with

A. thymine

B. guanine

C. cytosine

D. all of the above

What is on the sides of the DNA molecule?

A. base

B. sugar and phosphate molecules

C. energy

D. oxygen

What is the first step in replication of DNA?

A. unzip the double helix structure

B. unwind the double helix structure

C. rewind the double helix structure

D. duplicate the double helix structure

Replication is

A. when DNA is tripled

B. when a new strand of DNA is formed

C. when DNA decreases

for each adenine there must be one thymine, and for each guanine there must be one cytosine

A. nitrogenous base

B. chromosome

C. double helix

D. base pairing

What is in the middle of a DNA molecule?

A. base

B. phosphate molecules

C. sugar

What is the phrase to help you remember which nitrogenous base compliments the other –

A. apples in cars,
garages in trees

B. apples in trees,
cars in garages

C. apples in garages,
cars in trees

Why is DNA called the blueprint of life?

A. it contains genetic information which is important for trait inheritance

B. it contains unwanted traits that could be inherited

C. it holds the instructions for an organism’s or each cell’s development and reproduction

D. all of the above

The DNA shape is

A. rectangular

B. circular

C. triangular

D. spiral

What is the sex cell for females





DNA directs the sequencing of

A. amino acids

B. fats

C. ribosomes

D. traits

Where is the DNA located in a eukaryotic cell?

A. genes

B. nucleus

C. protein

D. hydrogen bond


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