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Nervous System and Special Senses Quiz


The elevated ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are known as ______ while the shallow grooves are termed ______.

A. gyri; sulci

B. sulci; gyri

C. ganglia; gyri

D. tracts; ganglia

Impulse conduction is fastest in neurons that are:

A. myelinated

B. unmyelinated

C. sensory

D. motor

This portion of the ear is responsible for directing sound waves into the eardrum.

A. outer ear

B. middle ear

C. inner ear

D. eustachian tube

An action potential:

A. is essential for nerve impulse propagation

B. involves the influx of negative ions to depolarize the membrane

C. involves the outflux of negative ions to depolarize the membrane

D. involves the outflux of positive ions to depolarize the membrane

The Schwann cells form a myelin sheath around the:

A. dendrites

B. cell body

C. axon

D. nucleus

Which structure regulates the size of the pupil:

A. iris

B. retina

C. cornea

D. sclera

Which of the following is NOT considered a structure of the ear:

A. conjuctiva

B. tympanic membrane

C. auditory canal

D. organ of corti

Which one of the following is the correct sequence of events that follows a threshold potential:

1. the membrane becomes depolarized
2. sodium channels open and sodium ions diffuse inward
3. the membrane becomes repolarized
4. potassium channels open and potassium ions diffuse outward while sodium is actively transported out of the cell
A. 3,2,4,1

B. 2,1,4,3

C. 2,1,3,4

D. 1,2,4,3

Where are the three bones of the ear found

A. middle ear

B. inner ear

C. outer ear

D. auditory canal

Allows light waves to enter the eye

A. sclera

B. iris

C. pupil

D. cornea

The midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata are housed in the:

A. brain stem

B. diencephalon

C. hypothalamus

D. cerebellum

The neuron processes that normally receives incoming stimuli are called:

A. axons

B. dendrites

C. neuronelemmas

D. schwann cells

The peripheral nervous system consists of:

A. spinal nerves only

B. the brain only

C. cranial nerves only

D. the spinal and cranial nerves

The term central nervous system refers to the:

A. autonomic and peripheral nervous systems

B. brain spinal cord and cranial nerves

C. spinal cord and spinal nerves

D. brain and spinal cord

Preparing the body for “fight-or-flight” response during threatening situations is the role of the:

A. sympathetic nervous system

B. cerebrum

C. parasympathetic Nervous System

D. somatic nervous system

Afferent nerves are called ______, and motor nerves are called ______.

A. motor nerves; sensory nerves

B. peripheral nerves; cranial nerves

C. mixed nerves; motor nerves

D. sensory nerves; efferent nerves

What are the specialized nerve cells that sense smell?

A. olfactory nerves

B. motor neurons

C. glossopharyngeal

D. optic nerve

The olfactory area is found within the:

A. temporal lobe

B. frontal lobe

C. occipital lobe

D. parietal lobe

The structure responsible for a person’s eye color is the:

A. retina

B. sclera

C. iris

D. cornea

Loss of muscle coordination results from damage to the:

A. cerebrum

B. cerebellum

C. thalamus

D. midbrain

Lobe that contains the primary motor area that enables voluntary control of skeletal muscle movements:

A. parietal lobe

B. temporal lobe

C. occipital lobe

D. frontal lobe

Contains the nerves that when stimulated by light generate nerve impulses which are then sent to the brain for interpretation

A. retina

B. pupil

C. sclera

D. cornea

Which of the following is NOT considered a special sense:

A. smell

B. touch

C. singing

D. vision

The ability to respond to a stimulus is termed:

A. conductivity

B. depolarized

C. all-or-nothing response

D. polarized

A neuron with a cell body located in the CNS whose primary function is connecting other neurons is called a(n):

A. interneuron

B. afferent neuron

C. efferent neuron

D. glial cell


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