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Epithelial Quiz


Epithelial tissue are classified by permeability.



What is epithelial tissue? Tissues’ ____________ of the _________________

A. lining; body

B. protection; body

C. none of the avoce

D. both A and B

Where is teh stratified squamous epithelial tissue found?

A. kidneys

B. epidermal layer of the skin

C. larynx

What is the bottom surface of the epithelial tissue called?

A. vascular

B. cytoplasm

C. basal surface

D. none of the above

The membrane of the basal surface is called the basement membrane.



The function of the simple squamous epithelium is…

A. rapid diffusion of the materials

B. secreting cells

C. absorption of materials

D. all of the above

Where is simple cuboidal epithelial tissue found?

A. larynx

B. salivary glands

C. mammary glands

D. kidney

What is the function of pseudostratified epithelial tissue?

A. secretion and absorption

B. rapid diffusion of materials

C. protection

D. both A and C

Which of thse is a single layer of tall, closely packed cells?

A. simple squamous

B. stratified squamous

C. simple columnar

D. all of the above

What is the top surface of an epithelial tissue called?

A. basal surface

B. free surface

C. basement membrane

D. none of the above

All epithelial tissues are avascular.



Where is the stratified columnar epithelial tissue found?

A. epidermal layer of skin

B. larynx

C. male urethra

D. both B and C

Where is simple columnar epithelial tissue found?

A. blood vessels

B. lung tissues

C. digestive tract

D. all of the above

Which of the stratified epithelial tissues are rare in the body and often have two layers of cuboidal cells?

A. simple cuboidal epithelium

B. stratified cuboidal epithelium

C. squamous cuboidal epithelium

D. none of the above


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