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Paeds Edema Quiz


The glomerular pathology that leads to Nephrotic syndrome is

A. reduced perfusion pressure in the arterioles

B. damage to the basement membrane podocytes

C. mesangial inflammation

D. increased intraglomerular pressure

All these are the complications of Acute Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis except for

A. acute pulmonary edema

B. hypertensive encephalopathy

C. acute renal failure

D. Hypercholesterolemia

The antibiotics of choice in the eradication of the streptococcus in Post Streptococcus GN is

A. Aminoglycoside

B. Penicillin

C. Macrolides

D. cephalosporin

The acute renal failure in Post Streptoccal GN is due to

A. rapidly reducing glomerular filtration rate

B. damage to the basement membrane

C. activation of renin angiotensin system

D. Edema

All the following treatment measures are used in the management of generalised edema except for

A. fluid restriction

B. low salt diet

C. Diuretics

D. Immunosupressants

Treatment of Acute Post Strep GN includes all these except

A. Antihypertensive

B. Diuretics

C. prednisolone

D. Antibiotics

Acute Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis is common in this age group

A. 0-2 years

B. 2-5 years

C. 6-7 years

D. 15-17 years

The following statements are true about Post Streptococcus GN except

A. infection in the throat and skin could be the cause

B. in 95% of the cases it is a self limiting disease

C. commonly it causes generalised edema, massive proteinuria and hypercholesterolemia

D. causes raised JVP

The pathophysiology of edema involves the following forces

A. hydrostatic pressure

B. oncotic pressure

C. renin angiotensin aldosterone (RAA) system

D. all the above

The pathophysiology of generalised edema in liver failure is

A. Hypoalbuminemia

B. esophageal varices

C. cholestasis

D. cirrhosis of the liver


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