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Sars-Cov2 virus that lead to Covid19 disease is example of (i)___________ disease that transmitted through (ii)_________ transmission.

A. (i) waterborne (ii) water

B. (i) touch (ii) parasite

C. (i) airborne (ii) droplet

Disease that can be transmitted from one individual to other individual is called _____________

A. non-infectious disease

B. infectious disease

C. genetic disease

D. sporadic disease

What happen to the host when infected by pathogens?

A. show symptom of the disease like cough, fever, cold etc.

B. gain extra energy and power

C. do not show any sign of body deterioration

Infectious disease are spread by (i)__________ , transmitted by infected person called (ii) ______________.

A. pathogens, vector

B. vector, pathogens

C. pathogen, host

D. host, medium

Not all viruses are pathogen. True of false



Name the disease which is confirmed by WIDAL Test?

A. Chicken Pox

B. Malaria

C. Typhoid

D. Diphtheria

A patient suffering from a disease shows the following symptoms: sustained high fever (39-40 deg centigrade), stomach pain, headache, constipation, loss of appetite. Identify the diasese.

A. Typhoid

B. Pneumonia

C. Malaria

D. Ascariasis

Based on the image, what is the true reason people need to wear that type of face mask.

A. wear by healthy person to protect from sick person.

B. to cover nose and mouth of sick person so that they cannot infect others

C. To filter small particle or smoke and dust from entering mouth

” The organisms that can cause disease” is called _______

A. bacteria

B. pathogen

C. probiotic

D. biosome

Plasmodium enters human body in an infectious form which is a stage of its life cycle. Name it.

A. Sporozoites

B. Gametocytes

C. Merozoites

D. Hypnozoites

Which of the following is disease that is not infectious?

A. Tinea

B. Tuberculosis

C. Dengue fever

D. cancer

Chill and high fever recurring every 3-4 hours in a patient. Which of the following statement related to this event is incorrect?

A. Release of Haemozoin causes chill and fever

B. Rupture of RBC is associated with release of haemozoin

C. parasites initially multiply in liver cells then attack red blood cells

D. the disease is Typhoid

“Cholera, Typhoid, Amoebic dysentery”

is the common disease that transmitted through _____

A. air

B. touch

C. vector

D. water

Airborne disease can be prevented by practising the following, except

A. cover nose and mouth when sneezing or cough.

B. wash your hand with water only

C. avoid being in crowded places

D. avoid handshake

While discussing a particular disease, the teacher described the following symptoms found in a patient: fluid filled alveoli, fever, chills, cough, headache, lips and finger nails turning bluish. Which one of the following diseases should the student chose?

A. Pneumonia

B. Typhoid

C. Malaria

D. Common cold

Measles, chicken pox, influenza is an examples of infectious diseases, yes or no.

A. Yes

B. No

What is the meaning of disease

A. An illness that cause by toxic chemical expose by our body.

B. Abnormal condition on body and mind that cause discomfort.

C. Normal condition by body react to certain foreign substance


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